1) BTC will breakout the correction traingle
and will fall for 8-9K which near 0.786 Fibo retrace

2) BTCwill continue rising with V-reversal pattern
after breakout traingle and will go to new ATH

3) BTC will moving in flat-channel between
10K-15K some time
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this way i think
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Well, that pretty much explains the only 3 possibilities in any market; up, down, or neutral within its range!!! A fall to support zones would be preferred as that would give new energy and more room for upside appreciation.
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PConnolly josephtse
@josephtse, Exactly! Cover all possibilities. What I don't get is many advisers here and other places have so many differing opinions and all looking the same charts! Since when were there so many different Tech analysis methods?? TA looks at historical data of what people have done which is exact correct data. Future is just a guess as mostly different people transacting and all with different motives for doing so (apart from profit of course). Looking at different recommendations on this site, I see BTC dropping to $8-9k; breaking upwards to $17k; don't really know; if goes to support at $15,100 then will break up; falling to support at $13k+. Does anyone really know???? Nope! Result? IMO Pick a low point, buy and HODL and hope you are right!
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Yes yes yes please be 1 XD
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N no no no...please be not 1
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