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My Market Report on Bitcoin

This is not market advice or trading advice.
Bình luận: Bottom In - Targets reached - Now for the impulsive waves up
Bình luận: New Targets
Bitcoin is down ???
Phản hồi
I like the analysis. Thanks for sharing.

What are your thoughts on breaking up what you're willing to invest in a particular pair (BTCUSD) into thirds?


One 3rd to buy now
One 3rd to buy a potential fall to the lower support line
One 3rd to buy an upswing to add to your position

We are both seeing similar things but only in a different way.

I'm using Wyckoff Schematics and special indicators of my own. As shown in this publication below. Thanks again for sharing. It's always nice to see if I can find a consensus with fellow traders.

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ProwdClown ProwdClown

My argument in the publication above is we are seeing the beginning stage of Phase C in a Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #1.

It is in phase C that the coin/stock price goes through a decisive test of the remaining supply, allowing the “smart money” operators to ascertain whether the stock is ready to be marked up. A spring is a price move below the support level of the TR 1.61% (Trading Range) established in phases A and B that quickly reverses and moves back into the TR 1.61% . It is an example of a bear trap because the drop below support appears to signal resumption of the downtrend. In reality, though, this marks the beginning of a new uptrend, trapping the late sellers, or bears. In Wyckoff's method, a successful test of supply represented by a spring (or a shakeout) provides a high-probability trading opportunity. A low-volume spring (or a low-volume test of a shakeout) indicates that the coin/stock is likely to be ready to move up, so this is a good time to initiate at least a partial long position with the capital you're willing to invest in the particular coin/stock.
Phản hồi
ProwdClown ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Ignore the "1.6%" after TR (Trading Range) in the above comment. That comment was copied and pasted from a comment in my publication. Trading View wants to act like TR (Trading Range) is a stock. LOL
Phản hồi
@ProwdClown, got ya :)
Phản hồi
@ProwdClown, I dont trade schematics or waves, I trade price action and momentum, resistance support and time indicators. When I have signals I buy when we approach heavy resistance I sell wait and look to re-enter. I bought the dip, but am now scaling out for a better confirmation, even if your schematic is accurate and seems very simple to my analysis. Right now its best to sit tight and wait.
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ProwdClown TheCryptAlpha

Fair enough. It's what people are "comfortable" with. I certainly feel more comfortable with my way of trading by breaking it up into thirds. Otherwise, I would be pulling my hair out and chewing my nails off at times while wondering what will occur. ROFL...

Thanks again for the reply.

Happy trading.
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@ProwdClown, Thanks for your support and comments!
Phản hồi
ProwdClown TheCryptAlpha

Sure, and thank you.

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@ProwdClown, I think it comes down to liquidity. There are alot of people on the side lines, waiting for a better entry price. Unless we start blasting off and get above $10k by the end of today (7hrs) we are going to probably fail. We need to go above $9500 for your theory. I also think that yesterdays dump may result in a lack of buyers due to uncertainty. There is no correct entry. The risk is very high and I would just sit back and wait. I'm sure alot of ther traders will be doing the same thing.
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