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Bitcoin SHORT - Bubble has popped and pit of despair incoming

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
The Bitcoin bubble is on a SIGNIFICANT down trend right now. The longs are starting to pick up and its a perfect chance for the whales to push this even further down. This is most likely a dead cat bounce. Look for entry around 3.2-4k for a revisit of previous All time highs. This is congruent with previous BTC bubbles. DYOR
guy.. when is next update?
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enjoy waiting for 4k$ and plz don't predict random things, if your scenario plays out we'll can forget about crypto because there will be a panic sell to 0$.
we're having major support at 8k$ if that breaks we can see a double bottom in play at 6k$ and again if that doesn't hold then maybe your scenario probably not likely to happen

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totts t80260
@t80260, not sure if you’re serious. $4k prediction is hardly random. $0 is never going to happen. Not everyone is leveraged like you and desperate enough to sell all the way down to $0
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@t80260, There are several reasons behind the probability of $4k ranges. $2k is also possible, and it will not mean BTC will go to 0. BTC will never go to 0 ever, unless someone finds a way to hack wallet addresses and transfer or destroy all BTC ;)

Current cost of mining a bitcoin at the most expensive energy rates is less than $3k. So even at $4k, miners will be making good profit.

BTC can and will probably touch the 0.786 fib level once. It can go to $2k and still rise to $1 million by 2020. Even Tim Draper (bitcoin billionaire) said that in BBC panorama show which was aired yesterday. You can watch it on BBC iplayer.

Fundamentals behind BTc going to $4k-$5k ranges are discussed by this person here, which I agree with too.

How we see it depends on our approach... a doom and gloom situation, or a huge opportunity. you decide.
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brb setting buy orders
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totts Jibs
@Jibs, make sure to go to your local bank and remortgage your home
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totts Jibs
@Jibs, don’t forget to remortgage your house so you can buy a lot
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What is this? 2017?
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totts Patrinos
@Patrinos, it's 2018 if you haven't noticed. But It's very similar to what happened at the end of 2013 with a 87% price correction.
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@totts, its very similar if you don't follow news. do u remember this last weeks that how "bad news" was sculpted a bearish graph. news that programmed to release at certain moments to shape a graph exactly same as what happened years ago! is that accidental ?

in my mind it never was 100% technical at 2018 ! and it wont be ..
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