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Bitcoin's Rotting Banana Wedge

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Does this Chart pattern have a name already? Else let me claim the name name.
Momentum changes/patterns are curves. Straight Trend lines can silly/inaccurate.
Bình luận: now whats special about 4300?
i guess its good that bitstamp is almost leading the price. Yet JPY premium almost gone and chinese prices lower also keeps removes some of the unatrual confidence that has built up through the chinese premimum since a long while.
Bình luận: *removes or "keeps removing"
Bình luận: same on the longer term.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: looks like bitcoin banana gave it away first again maybe
Bình luận: maybe lower trend is getting stronger (more flat/less fast) now
Bình luận:
Bình luận: while i sold old my bitcoin anyway way near to 5000, i guess significantly staying above the 0.786 level or the 3800 could call excite weekend fever bulls once again. China is still $600 cheaper. And most people rationally expect equal odds. Yet many are used to longs being more promising like it was the last 2 years. But bubbles burst and there is a time even shorter where it is a better risk/reward to short bitcoin. And monday could come more negative news. This all is why im neutral except that Weekend is a bit short timeframe as a maximum to cover your long. So long is weaker to me so i will get my weekend sleep and check later. Either direction, be more picky than 1-2 days ago. For the moment it is likely the price will move a bit in your favour.
Bình luận: (traditionally there also could be a bull trap still in 2 weeks or so / positive news at the next bottom)
Bình luận:
I am out! made a small profit on the way up but the volume is drying up and looks a bit scary to me.
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mooneymoonman Athelious101
@Athelious101, i done the same.
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fineregex mooneymoonman
@mooneymoonman, me too :D wedge and banana said the same here at the time of the updates. 1 particial rise : bad, faster lower trend = bad
2. slower trend banana and moving right along the lower trend of wedge = undecided and thats what happend next. Jumped up for the moment just to go down.
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mooneymoonman fineregex
@fineregex, of the $23K i have for trading i now have zero invested in the big 3; BTC, LTC, ETH. I had $30.4K total two weeks ago before all the Chinese FUD began, im down nearly $8K in that time. Im not willing to lose $1 of my principle and in this present climate it could very well happen.
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fineregex mooneymoonman
@mooneymoonman, yes, most cryptos may fall faster than bitcoin especially new ICOs but also old ones that grew by 50 times in value this year. A long term plan for crypto could have been to buy a little every day or every month, as much as we can, since 2010, but only pause for the bubbles: Few weeks only in 2011,12, 15 & 16 but few month november 2013 and following month and several more month in 2017. Maybe little again in 2018, if we are lucky, lets see
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