Bitcoin possibility of correction until mid feb

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hi I'm hardboiled from korea.

This is another short scenario for bitcoin .

1. RSI level for bitcoin 1D chart can go more lower

2. ETH chart can be serve as indicator of bitcoin chart

"the finale of bitcoin's correction = 1D RSI touching some point" in past if you see the black circle at bottom.

currently bitcoin and etherium(including all alts) are moving same direction. so If the hypothesis that this movement correlation will be for a while holds, the fact that etherium can correct to below 700 dollar level tells us bitcoin can also correct to 8k zone in next few weeks.

maybe best time to buy bitcoin in good price could be at around mid feb according to rumors. let's wait and see if it's right.

now bitcoin is trying to move upward within consolidating tringle.

So now is really important moment, whether to decide bitcoin would go up over 13~14k or go straight to 8k

I'm going to wait see. when confident about the movement, let's be brave

when your mind struggle between two different roads, middle is always the best.

good luck

ETH chart correction possibility

Bình luận: I prefer to have multiple scenario in my mind and actively react to market. so this is one possibility.

I also agree on other traders if current price break resistance upward, It can go to 13~14k level in near term.

reacting properly to market is one of the important thing I guess
Bình luận: currently bull run happening in Bitcoin!

this is good for entire market!
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