Targeting BTC to ~8740 (8580-9000) within about 8-12 hours.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Currently targeting BTC             to ~8740 (8580-9000), within about 8-12 hours.
Looking for drop to ~7950 first.

I called 20 hours ago, Bitcoin             price to hit $8670.
Adjusted target to $8610 16 hours ago.
Got it correct.
We hit right in the middle at $8648.

Bình luận: When I called for $8670 21 hours ago:



Then corrected to $8610 18 hours ago:

Bình luận: Very sudden upward movement broke previous trajectory.

Target (8740 - 9000) should be reached sooner, within 5-8 hours.

Bình luận: Trajectory much more on path with my original call again.

Seeking a bounce on/near the support line of my channel.
Hopefully it holds...

Bình luận: Nice bounce on my support line. We may be back on track.
I never fully removed my yellow dotted line (as seen in the other charts), as the breakout at point 4 looked a bit unnatural. But let's monitor. Things are looking up.

Bình luận: BTC to $8630-9050 seems reasonable at this point.
(8-10 hours)

Bình luận: Just looked at the order books..
More downtrend looking likely first.
Bình luận: Called this 6 hours ago... and here we are now (drop to ~7950 before target).
Let's see if it holds however.. it isn't certain yet (looks bearish).

Lots of market manipulation today, knowing that many are seeking this $9000 BTC target. Please be careful.

Bình luận: Currently considering target: 8310-8800
I haven't sold anything during the heavy drop to sub 7850.
Patience, calm and analysis is important, especially when you realize the market is being manipulated.

Bình luận: Still currently on course for my target. If we will get there, it could take us anywhere between 4-10 hours, so consider getting some early rest.
I'm busy getting other business work done. It's not always best to watch the charts minute by minute when it is this turbulent.

Bình luận: Still observing for this path. ($8310-8800)

Bình luận: If the Eliot wave was interpreted wrongly, this seems to also be a viable trajectory.

Bình luận: If this was indeed the end of a complete 8-wave cycle, then more upward movement, and the set target, is still possible.
I'm off for now. Best of luck!

Bình luận: As I mentioned last night: "If this was indeed the end of a complete 8-wave cycle, then more upward movement, and the set target, is still possible."
We are now up 10% since.
I hope that most of you continued to Hold $BTC, like I did. #Bitcoin

You mean drop from 9k to 8k? Not too much for A wave? (i'm learning)
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mark124 mark124
@mark124, Oh i meant of course first wave.
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mark124 mark124
@mark124, Eh, why i can't edit my post.. of course i meant 2. I assume that I would be to 9k then 2 to 8k?
Phản hồi
mark124 mark124
@mark124, nvm. All is clear for me now, i noticed that you posted second picture of previous prediction. That's why i got lost.
Phản hồi
@mark124, I'm glad if it's all clear now. :)

And yes, I also noticed that posts/comments seem uneditable and undeletable, which is very inconvenient.
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