BTC/USD - Confirmed Buy Opportunity

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
What's up traders,

Here we are analyzing BTC/USD on the 4H chart.

I posted a BTC/USD analysis a week ago, and the dynamics of the trade have changed now, hence I am eager to update this idea.

At current, price is trading at 8520, supporting on the 20 moving average, and the 20 moving average is above the 50, suggesting a legitimate bullish presence.

Price will now likely test the moving averages and use them as a new support level . Coupled with the fact we have a minor structure support , we could see price go to the upside target at 12130.

I am expecting Bitcoin             to recover lost ground now as the trend is having a legitimate turn.

Bare in mind, thatI am predicting a longer term bull presence.

I will update this analysis when I receive above 40 likes.
IMO we'll be stopping at 11300 first at the large bear trend line coinciding with the 0.382 fib resistance line.
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It's May be Wright
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can you update this
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I said to the shorts last days, get the hell out now and go long instead. And today we now we at 9700 ;) Get on the train, it only goes up from here. I think people forget how much the United States means, and when the Senate meeting went as positive as it did means most countries will follow the United States, and not forbid but legitimize the cryptocurrency, they will have to do this or otherwise they'll be left behind.'
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look at that, Tom... We are on the same page :D
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jeah nice
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Wouldn't there be another major breakout after reaching Your profit target?
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I am not sure, If you're going to reply to this, but thank you for all the analysis. I have been following you and your predictions have been an inspiration to me.
I would like to learn the subject for the sake of understanding the behavior and potential of the stock/trading.
Could you please suggest me some good trading books to start with. Thank you.
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jamikr PRO bmadduri
@bmadduri, try udemy classes. videos
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bmadduri jamikr
@jamikr, Thank you.
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