Is a bull going to show his horn? THE TIGER IS STALKING!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Fellow traders,

Here's to an other overly simplified yet very efficient analysis on the daily BTC             chart. Just like my last idea, Daily BTC             chart is the best chart for spot on confirmation yet quick positioning timing. I am posting a little earlier than I expected as bitcoin             fall been quicker than I anticipated. We are now approching an other major resitance.

Let's jump right in. And remember, just like a hunter, TIME IS YOUR FRIEND PATIENCE IS KEY. So ready your rifle fellow hunter, but remember your bullet are precious and we only shoot on confirmation. Right now we still have very high signals of a downfall. I wanna draw your attention first on the upper Bolling Band, see how it's opened up? Not good my friend. BTC             has now all the power it need to break the white resistance + Red Trendline . Second we are also still trading under SMA200. But if you read my last idea on BTC             , we anticipated that scenario. Stay focused now. If the Red trendline doesn't hold we will test it back before testing the Green one. BUT!! that key resistance point we are about to reach might act like a small spring to push the price back to at least that yellow trend line wich might give us an opportunity for a quick shot. We shall zoom on the prey with a 4h scope in the next analysis when the time will come.

( Volume are strong wich add power to the spring)

I now leave you to the hunt. You are the only one who press the trigger. You are the tiger and you make that kill. BE PATIENT. LUST, GREED, GLUTTONY, ENVY. 4 of the deadly sins. Push em away and breath. Better wait for a confirmation and lose a little profit than miss a shot.

Your beloved and only,
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