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BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
WARNING guys, BTC is going to correct all the down to 6K. We have MANY indicator that it will:

-Head&Shoulder reversal pattern
-Retracement FIB
-Bearish trend line
-Square up requirement down there (circled on the chart)
-Futures contract coming to term
-Global fear and negative speculation last 2weeks regarding BTC and crypto in general

BTC is not done dropping guys. Most of my money is sitting in USDT and FIAT.

Re entry:
-8.7k area
-7.2k area
-6.4k area

Follow me on telegram if you want updates on BTC and re-entry as I am very invested in this trade. And remember guys if BTC drops and you're money is still in it DONT SELL just HODL!
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Hey guys, BTC is moving down, it looks like once it reaches 10.5k area it should drop much quicker. The reasoning behind that is this: BTC could be in the beginning of a pole between 16k and 10k. I am not a strong believer in this idea but that is definitely a possibility to consider.

Damm that chart is ugly
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When is the futures end date?
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kopikopi retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, 26th of Jan.
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Not even my wet dreams are like that.

There is no panic sell, the re is a lot of uptrend signals and your H&S is absolutelly screwed up (The shoulders? have to meet same level, there isn't even necklace, but does have a "mini shoulder" between shoulder and head that doesn't exist), etc.

Telegram SCAM?
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Denzoss NomeSobrenome
@NomeSobrenome, let's wait and see who's right, I think the H&S is real. You don't have to agree with my TA but please do not hint that I am a scam as I am not even promoting or selling anything. That is very rude.
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