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Typical Bearish Dino Pattern

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Dinos are cool
So are dogs
Dogs are like wolves
Wolves live in the woods
So do bears
Bình luận: Well, turns out my pattern was spot on :D
In what direction does the tooth go?
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atdykema akabtc
@akabtc, Down, Bearish I'm afraid
Phản hồi
akabtc atdykema
@atdykema, :( im am no pro bad but my idea does not really differ:
Phản hồi
akabtc akabtc
@akabtc, sorry I thought there would only be a link. Did not want to clutter you thread with my chart - how ca I remove/edit that?
Phản hồi
atdykema akabtc
@akabtc, It's ok, Leave it :)
Phản hồi
akabtc atdykema
@atdykema, Yeah for the laugh when the serpent spits the new curve out of her nose up into the sky and I look stupid - fair enough.
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