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NEW 7-Day Candle in 45 minutes...

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
...We have found bottom in my opinion. This next 7-Day candle will OPEN higher than previous 7-Day candle's low. I expect it to continue higher and fall within a trading range between $9,222 and $14,394 on the 7-Day TF.

The bear trend IS OVER in my opinion and it's now time for entry. Again, THIS IS MY OPINION. I have a HARD time seeing this going below my 0.38 FIB at $7,513.68.

The black lines with arrows may not be the actual trek of the price action. However, I'm quite sure we more than likely found bottom and reversal will be OBVIOUS to many very soon.

More charts will follow later today...

7-Day TF:

We just completed a Three Drives Down pattern, in my opinion, and reversal to the upside is upon us.

7-Day TF WITH Indicators:

Bình luận: Sundays and Wednesdays are days in which significant moves usually occur in crypt. We shall see shortly what the indicators tell us once the new 7-Day candle updates and the indicators update along with it.

Bình luận: 2-Day TF:

Bình luận: As you can see, a NEW 7-Day candle has begun. It is black on my chart .

Bình luận: If you have Wyckoff Schematic in mind, we have completed a Selling Climax and SHOULD now being heading upside in an Automatic Rally.
Bình luận: Pseudoplastic did encourage me to double check myself and look at other TF's to see if there's a possibility of further downside in the price action. Yes, there is.

IF you have already made entry and break up what you're willing to invest into a coin into thirds like I do myself, you can simply use your next 3rd to make entry at or around $5800 . If you did not break up into thirds, you can take a loss {if not too much] to buy in lower or you can bag hold till it comes back up.

4-Day TF:
Bình luận: The 7-Day looks like it's primed to come up but another look at a lower TF shows one might wish to wait a little longer to confirm reversal if they have not made entry yet.
Bình luận: The lower TF than the 7-Day being the 4-Day TF.
Bình luận: If you don't like a lot of notifications, you might want to unfollow me or turn off your notifications. Cause I post a lot of charts when we are approaching a reversal; whether it be to the upside or downside.

Update on the 360m (6h) TF:

Bình luận: 4-Day TF Update:

Bình luận: Tweet from John McAfee:

Read the tweet and his response to comments to his tweet. Worth the read.
Bình luận: A "NEW" 4-Day candle in 3 hours.

The indicators for the 4-Day should update then. I'm also monitoring lower TF's in the mean time.
Bình luận: LISTEN UP:

I'm actually getting tired of NEW ACCOUNTS Coming to my publications telling me to stop misleading people. rsdntevl is the most recent one to do this.

IF I could EDIT my post and tell everyone to hold off from entry, I most certainly would. Maybe there is a way to do that and I'm not aware of how to do it. If you know how to do it, please share with me how to do it.

Bottom line is what is post are my "IDEAS." I also say, "My opinion..." My posts do NOT control YOUR decision on YOUR trades. They are simply "IDEAS."

I did post a chart with the 4-Day TF saying it looks like we're coming down more and possibly to $5,800. THAT'S THE REASON FOR UPDATES, ISN'T IT? Can someone NOT change their mind based off any changes they see in the market or for not looking at something they should have looked at before? When I trader makes a post on TV, they have to OWN IT and cannot change their mind? If that's the way some of you see this then you need to stop following me and leave me the hell alone.

I do my best based off what I know. I did not force anyone to follow me or tell anyone they should follow all of my "OPINIONS." These are simply what I say they are; "OPINIONS."

Stop following me if you don't like my opinions. It's that simple... And stop the BS posts in my comments as though I'm misleading people. Some here act as though you cannot share an IDEA unless one is ABSOLUTELY correct. If that's what you think, then NO ONE can post an idea because there is no way to KNOW if you're right until AFTER the fact.
Bình luận: Simply posting my response to another follower here:

tviewcrau PRO 9 minutes ago
Thanks for the updates, you were on of the first people I ever learned from, happy to continue learning.
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ProwdClown PRO tviewcrau 5 minutes ago

Thank you. I'm sincerely sorry I did not look at the 4-Day TF before making my post saying the Bottom is here. I "REALLY" wish I had done so because I CANNOT STAND BEING WRONG. WHY? Because I have plans in the future to potentially run my own crypto currency trading company. I'm posting charts here on TV to create a HISTORY for potential clients to look at in the future in that regard. So, I think you can see by that aspiration alone that it would behove me to be correct as often as possible.

At the same time, I'm NOT going to allow FEAR OF BEING WRONG keep me from posting on here to share my IDEAS. WHY? Because I WILL make mistakes WHICH MEANS OTHERS CAN ALSO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. I want others to SEE what I'm thinking while using my indicators so they too might can learn from what I may fail to see or overlook.
Bình luận:

I'm about to work on a new publication for ETCUSD Poloniex.
Bình luận: I'm with Dave (Michael Huddleston) on this: "The Market Just Erased All Of 2018 Gains, Distraction?, Watch Gold & Cryptos!"

The way this has gone down hard the past 24 hours makes me think this may come up hard soon. It will take a little time for cash to transfer over from stock exchanges to crypto exchanges.
Bình luận: Check this out:
Bình luận: 180m TF:

Bình luận: 90m TF:

Bình luận: Committee is in order. WATCH LIVE NOW:
Bình luận: YouTube Link:
Bình luận: 4-Day TF:

Bình luận: Daily (1440m) TF:

Thanks for all the hard work posting these charts man. I am following closely and agree with your bull sentiment here.
Phản hồi

Thanks man,

I was off with my initial posting and corrected it when I had a look at the 4-Day TF; saying $5,800 looks likely. Was also a bit off there; as it went down to $5,920.72. I'm thankful one trader on here "respectfully" encouraged me to take a closer look. That's when I had a look at the 4-Day TF and concluded we were going lower, unfortunately.

Now, I feel pretty good about THIS being reversal here. At least THE ODDS ARE MUCH HIGHER with what I'm seeing in the 4-Day TF this time compared to the first time I looked at it and posted it here in the publication. I'll be using the 4-Day TF much more often in the future.

Cheers and Happy Trading...
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This post is dedicated to all the trolls and plebs!

TV is a place were people share and discuss ideas and experiences! It's not a place which offers trading signals.

Show some level of respect! If you can do better, then kindly post!

@ProwdClown Thank you very much for all your efforts and analysis.

+1 Phản hồi
ProwdClown Crypto.888

You're absolutely correct.

Thanks Crypto.888

Much appreciated...
+1 Phản hồi
Crypto.888 ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, No need for thanks, brother.

People should learn to communicate with respect. We are here to discuss and learn from each other.

Any person placing bids should comprehend the risks involved and doesn't have the weight to blame others for their own choosing.
Phản hồi
TA was never meant to be a perfect science. Keep up the good work.
Phản hồi
ProwdClown unitednoobies

Thanks, unitednoobies. Much appreciated.

Yes, you are correct.
+1 Phản hồi
keep posting man i'm following you almost a year
you are really a legend who use a great indicators
i like your godmode
ignore any newcomers who don't know ur history
special request if available i need ethereum classic analysis if you have enough time
thanx in advance
Phản hồi

Thanks for the kind comments.

Sure, I'll post a new chart on ETCUSD . And it will be for Poloniex Exchange. However, I'm currently working on an update for CIVIC (CVCBTC). I initially did a chart for CIVIC using Polo or Binance . Anyway, BITTREX has more HISTORY for CVCBTC. So, I'm currently working on that. Once that is complete, I'll do one for ETCUSD Poloniex.
Phản hồi
fayyad ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, thanx for your time and effort
if available etcbtc wykoff schematic i would be grateful
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