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Many of you might not know about this but I believe most of the experienced guys here will know about the tulip mania. No matter how many times you read through the history of such a historic event, the amount of idiocy that the general public has would never go beyond that. In fact most of the traders out there who came into crypto way back in the early days will know about the potential decentralised networks can do to improve the current state of financing all over the world.

However, this comes with a price. This is it. Although such predictions have been made before, we've seen people being mocked at the end of Bitcoin predictions etc, it is every person's right to voice out his/her opinions on the state and future of crypto. No one is wrong, its just whether the prediction follows the market's sentiments or not. Because of this, crypto is immediately a revolutionary step forward into the financial world. Money has been in existence for at least a few millenniums and we're most likely to see it until we die.

The powers of the world have always been in control of money and would finally face a new competitor worthy of its power, decentralisation. Sounds like nothing? But really, it is crazy. When everyone starts to realise the money they keep within banks aren't actually theirs, and the money banks keep aren't actually 'shared' the world will see the true use and full potential of cryptocurrencies. Everyone mints the cash, no single power does that. And when we fulfil this criteria, Bitcoin and her kids will bear fruit of its creation.

Tulip mania, 40000%.
Bitcoin , at least 60000% period.

To the moon.
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