BTC still long....TREND LINES

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
If you paid attention to my posts you would have put your stop loss right below all that channel mess down there. I figured we would need a pull back before we shoot through 9000 but was optimistic about the upper most trendline we were following last night. Alas we will work from the lower. I have been saying we go up on the its looking more likely. The volatility when the contracts expire is my only concern. I believe we will have opposite action than last months expiration and go up but thats not to say the big boys dont try to fake longs out with an initial small pull down below the previous low...which is where most longs will have there SL since it has been working pretty nice for us. My current SL is at 8379 and did we come close to that! I will take a look after work and post my next stop loss here after todays             action. Lets see what the future holds. As always make your own decisions and only take this as education not financial advise.
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