What u think about the postponed break-out?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Maybe I'm too bullish and my binoculars are somewhat too large... cauz I m seeing trees !
Anyway... we need a slingshot from Tiger Wooo... ds :-)
I know... not funny?
again.. too much time.. the woods are messing up our minds...

I think there my wave 2 could have a lower end... maybe an almost double bottom ...
who knows ?

if it goes below... that means .. no cold storages anymore ? no more hardcore or misuse of 51% hashpower?
I m just saying something :-)
Bình luận: still within the prescribed limits... obvious triangle break-out.. follow through should happen soon... similar with all other top-coins
Bình luận: BTC broke some resistances and heading to break through the trendline confirmed on Nov 12 '17... if it doesn't bounce back from there, and stays above the end of Wave 1, it should make a nice continuation to the end of Wave 3, and even directly to the level of 13000 usd, as wave 3 is most of the time the most explosive one.
Bình luận: fingers crossed... heavy resistance at 10000 usd... BTC got some real issue here
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: crossing old trend-line... up to 12000 and some overhead resistance to face... meeting a descending trendline of Jan 7th.. if we break through only 13000 should be burden to overcome...
Bình luận: BTC almost completed my cycle... I assume the end of the 5th wave was at 11700 as there was a lot of overhead resistance, idem back at the 25th and 28th Jan. I assume this correction could go lower to 10000 - 10500 if this is the correction after the cycle completion... if not, we should see quite fast a 5th wave forming, but if this correction gets deeper, we can finally say a bigger 3th wave could finally start upwards.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: wasn't that a nice prediction... correction completed after first cycle... start of new cycle... wave 1... possibility of a head & shoulders forming, which can determine
subwave 2, but when subwave 3 starts and if we get through 12000 resistance and break through the parallel and previous bounce, everything is possible !
i see 40 bilions enter an 17- 20 out in two times, people will lose confidence. suport it s on confidence. under 6k people will freak out, wales will buy the deep maybe again betwen 2000 to 4000 k , i fucking hate were wee wass and ware we arived
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professional_n00b CrissCristofer
@CrissCristofer, i agree
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