As we watch the Superbow game, our world crumbles, financially.

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Is this the end the day after Superbowl?

Early February looking good for rebound. But not so quick! And here's why? Get your tin hat on, because this read dabbles into a little bit of conspiracy under the notion that the banks own the world.

Think, the scene in Batman (, Dark Knight Rises where Bane attempts to attack the Gotham football game (not a huge fan of Batman or football,read into this what you will.). There's no real explosion, except to our financial reality, the landscape changes. BOOM! Stocks crash foretold in the DJI avarage, dropping 665.75 points on Friday 2, 2018. Coincidentally rounding to 666? Not sure the last date this happened. But Sep 11, 2015 is the closest date I can find since the last occurance. I referenced this video for the date: (which I didn't bother to watch, so the date may be the day after or something.). We all probably know that the stock market was manipulated. Could Sept 2015 had marked the beginning of manipulation and Friday 2, 2018, was the end of manipulation? Consider we just had a consecutive 3 day drop on the DJI and crypto markets has never correlated with DJI. I believe there will be a reaction for good or bad effecting cryptos very soon. Here's why.

I think many of us were hoping for a rebound to occur early in February to March, as indicated by TA? I am not sure the rebound will be a reality now, if a stock market crash occurs. Laddering in may be too early with BTC leading all cryptos at 7-8K at the time of this writing. Could go to 1K easy, given the light of this new theory. With a stock crash looming (Boom!), which may effect pensions (Boom!), 401K's (Boom!), bond market (Boom!), auto loan industry and heaven forbid, another housing collapse (Boom!), etc. Boom! Boom! Boom! Expect a run on banks and cryptos as investors scramble for liquidity to have cash in hand in order to survive. I think it would be safe to say we can expect hyper inflation to come as it has recently happened in Venezuela. Silver -0.36% and Gold -1.24% manipulated to keep prices low for those who know - given an opportunity to accumulate metals. Why? Who's collecting?

So many questions ...
1. Does this mark the death of the dollar?
2. Will crypto rise after stock market recovers?
3. Will retirements and traditional investments in the dollar vanish into thin air?
4. Will the accumulation of metals keep up with inflation this time? Or was that s-o-o-o 2010-11?
5. Wasn't it odd the news had perfect timing to drive the crypto market's price down. Some real, some fake news? Korea, India, Tether, China, hacked accounts, etc.

I am not trying to create FUD. But I sure do think it's time to ask and be cautious, like now!

Answer? Come back to crypto when the stock market rebounds from bottom. Well then, see you later!
Crypto will be the new money.

What I'm saying may be hard to swallow. Because belief is hard to be-lie-ve.
Batman is fiction. That's why my theory can't be real, right? I hope I am wrong. I really do. But if I had that much power as a super villain, that's how I'd F with everyone. Like I said, because Batman is fiction, you may be programmed to believe it could never happen.

For shits and giggles, my Superbowl prediction ... Eagles win in overtime by field goal or touchdown last minute. "The (American) Patriots" lose, as a political statement that America is going down. Yeah, I believe there's a bankers war on the US and for whatever reason, I think they love that shit.

Thoughts? Help me write this. Please share.

Bình luận: I should have titled this:
-800% BTC potential. Short! BTC goes to 1K!
Bình luận: I missed my SuperBowl prediction on OT. But it was so-o-o close. Gronk didn't make that critical catch that would have made it all possible. But the outcome that Eagles made the win all the same ... sorry America. Now we see what fate is in store for our country's finances. Does it start today? Or will it be later this year? DJI futures are indicating a strong selloff this morning. Stay tuned. Because I believe what happens in stocks, will now affect the rise or decline (temporarily) of BTC and cryptos. First, the everyday man needs his money. Time to cash out and survive working man and HODLers. Where can anyone put money that won't wither away? No where. Then when the dollar is worthless, due to inflation or worse - hyperinflation, they will be back in droves! Be ready. Bitcoin will be the solution. Don't be surprised when BTC breaks down even further - after the consolidation period we have all been watching.
Bình luận: References:
Link to DJI futures:
Dow futures down. Fourth day of drops on DJI set for Monday. Increase interest rates, sure to bring down this house of cards ...
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