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Guys, bitcoin             is likely to move to 3500-4000 in the nearest future. We just broke the powerfull support level .
Bình luận: The last small green pennant was broken to the upside and now is consolidating aobve the upper pennants border. This doesn't mean much by itself as the trend remains bearish. We can see some bullish pullback to the area of 10k and then the trend will most likely resume:
Bình luận: Upside thrust came to an end as no continuation followed. Price made a false breakout. This reinforces the overall analysis:
Bình luận: half way through...

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Didnt happen
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@brentonagm, so what? Analysis only points to a higher probability of something to happen.
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I agree. We need support so now that means the old resistance trends from 2016 right? That looks to be exactly where you determined your support area. Also if we bounce there it will be same degree of dip as Apr 2013. We are definitely in a denial stage now. Ahh so strange for me, but very interesting. Thank you for your analysis!
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@BarclayJames, you are welcome:)
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Compelling patterns here if we don't a strong bounce soon to break out of these flags I think your TA will come true exactly, thank you for sharing.
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@HyperionAllied, thanks for you comments:)
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Hochien harasha graph sir.
The trend, the patterns, and especially the global overall volume of Btc and the whole crypto market cap is in a downtred too.
As it's a market of supply and demand, i really don't see how Btc would bounce back the the 10.000usd so far.
My targets are about the same lows as yours.
I am getting bashed by almost all traders and "pro traders" when i post my bearish view and low targets on their walls.
Typical bubble deny, but the deny is worse than during the dotcom bubble, almost everyone is a new casual trader getting angry, they do not believe Btc able to drop below the 6500 usd.
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@Giorgioversace, they don't believe it will fall because they are heavily long on this asset:)
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thewhitefox Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, I am getting the same - bashed and downvoted to hell, whenever you publish bearish BTC analysis. I posted on reddit that BTC will fall sub 10.000 when it was still around 19k around 16 December. One guy put lengthy post how it is not possible bla, bla... I told him, to read this post in exactly one month. :)

Stick to your analysis, if you do something wrong - only you are to blame - and you can improve.
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@thewhitefox, Nice:)
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