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Bitcoin to D. By April 9th. You never know.. :)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
I am feeling confident.. and a little drunk.. But hey that's life!
So here it is..: My awesome clueless prediction...

"Bitcoin to Zone D. By April 9th ." said by me Glitch420.

I have created a brand new linear regression model to help predict the events leading up until April 9th .

Sounds crazy?.. That is because it is!.. Crazy is unique, unique is different.. I like being different.

Now hear me out..

We have a significant statistical outlier algorithm pattern occurring over the lifespan of bitcoin that has revealed something rather spectacular, coming up soon.. April 9th ,2018 soon..

Chances of this playing out are less than .03% but hey... I told ya first! I really have no idea what I am doing.. I am making this all up as I go!.. so here we go!

So.. By April 9th .. we should be nearing the $12,000k resistance line... I will be shocked if we are not close to there.. I bet you are laughing at me right about now! That is ok.. me too buddy.. me too..

Pattern recognition is a passion of mine, my research deals with neural signature decoding of our human brain. Specifically, sacred geometric linear regression modeling. (Ibet you have no idea what that is.. neither do it.. or do i?..)

Never would of thought sacred geometric linear regression modeling would be SO effective in prediction modeling of crypto. Maybe it's not.. and I am just lying to myself over here.. am i?

Updates will be gradual as we near our April 9th deadline. If for some reason this insane prediction manifests.. I will use the linear model I created to continue the statistical outlier pattern recognition of bitcoin into the next chapter..

Please don't believe a word i say.. Just follow the data.. and the pattern and the geometry.. and your heart.

See you soon!

Thanks for looking,

Bình luận: We keep dangerously flirting we the model's failure limit boundaries.. We must make a steep rise upward if we are to continue the model as predicted... Very interesting developments.

I'm intrigued which has sparked my interest, nevertheless great work imo!
I look forward to your next post
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