Bigger cup and handle in symmetrical triangle going to 10160

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Bigger cup and handle in symmetrical triangle going to 10160
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Theres one last cup and handle which makes "a cup within a cup within a cup" . I enjoy saying that.

The last cup ends at 12k but it spaced out from the others so looks like it may take a while to get there - a few days is my guess.

Bình luận: looking at the bIgger CUP BTC will have to dip close to the 6k/7k area to wrap up the handle about 6300 will be my guess
so there will have to be a dip to 6k in order to enjoy twice the profit .
Bình luận: i still think we will drop to 2k at some point in this correction . Dont know when ,,but we will hit it at some point

It is getting confusing. What are you sayin 'right now'?
-BTC is going to the 10k area, ore BTC is going to drop again, to the 6k area?
Phản hồi
mycotoxin Rubberen
BTC is not doing all the drops at one time ,

its going up then will come back down to do some of the drops .
its not here to make it easy to figure it out. if that was the case we will all be millionaires. BTC values are there but disguised and sometimes we can see them and sometimes not .

i know it wlll do the patterns on the graph bellow because it allowed me to graph the values , but these drops will not be done concurrently;y so the thing is to find out when the next one is .

The next on the list is 7k then 5k , but we dont know when it will be ,
We can hit 10k then come back and do the 5 k or hit 12k and comeback and hit he 5k
i dont know .when ,,,sometimes you can only tell when its very close to the event , such as today's run with the cups .

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Rubberen mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, Okay thank you fore the explanation!
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mycotoxin Rubberen

for example on january 22nd when BTC was 10k it showed me this graphs which was an 8k graph,
so i knew we will hit it - but my timing was off because BTC went up then came down and hit it .

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mycotoxin mycotoxin

it also showed this one on Feb 1 so i know at some point we will hit 5k

Phản hồi
mycotoxin mycotoxin

and it showed it again

Phản hồi
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, Tommorrow BTC will give us another puzzle to solve- Futures expire tomorrow so it will be interesting .
Phản hồi
i see 4.4k also maybe see 4k
Phản hồi
Where are you in your 4 day / 9 day pattern?
Phản hồi
mycotoxin MMww66ww99
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