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Bitcoin reach 40000 $ in the end of 2018 ??

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
The chart showing everything :)
if you seriously think bitcoin is gonna continue to keep growing you have no idea what youre talking about and i fear for your investments
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TheGush DarkFlames666
@bikramganger, that’s ok, then don’t buy it. The rest of us will enjoy the spoils.
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@TheGush, I wont and neither will any other serious trader for the time being, btc price is gonna hover at 4-5k for a while
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tibbit4 DarkFlames666
It sure doesn't look like its hovering around 4-5 k @bikramganger, Looks like 10k is in the very near future.
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@tibbit4, if it hits 10k that's gonna be the final bull trap to do you all in before it falls again even lower
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shiva8 DarkFlames666
@bikramganger, okay, what if nakamoto create something very big for btc in this year ?? something can make btc bigger
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TheGush DarkFlames666
@bikramganger, you may be right- it could take a few weeks to break the 10k psych barrier, but let’s step back for a second. Even though the “2017 monster rally” is over, and we likely won’t see those parabolic gains anymore... here’s the reality:

“Most” heavy institutional investors are just recently catching wind of crypto. I’d venture to say only a meager portion of them own and crypto at all. That’s where the big money will flow in, once the traditionalists of the stock market realize that crypto offers MUCH higher potential for profit (be it longing or shorting, volatility = profit potential), it’s game on.

Second, it’s just now really getting mainstream media attention. Wanna talk about parabolic trends? Watch how the media picks up on crypto in the next few months to a year.

Third, even though we all have a bias to believe that “most people” know about crypto by now, truth is, most people do NOT yet- and if they do; it’s only casually, by name (BITCOIN). Most are not technically savvy enough (yes, really) to have figured out how to even buy it yet- and i’d say that even those who do may not have felt the push to actually get some due to risk and all the FUD news and “doomsday” calls, which has only been “validated” (lol) by this “crash”. They have no idea about market corrections and the fact that we’ve seen this over and over and we are steel-tempered in these times because we’re now desensitized to this volatility. “They” just heard about it in December, and they finally got up the courage and bought some at 20k- then promptly lost their a$$es.

I think coming to Robinhood this month is a big step. It won’t rocket this to the moon, but it’ll bring some momentum to the market and will continue to do so as more people hear about it and can buy/trade without fees. And Robinhood is even more basic/easy than Coinbase!

Here’s my belief. Pull up the classic “phases of a bubble” chart that we all know and love. Look at where the “institutional investment” area is. Then look at where “mainstream media adoption” is on the chart. Locate “first sell-off”, and then see how it all comes together. This thing hasn’t even started yet.

As late as we think we are; we’re still early adopters. Less than 1% of people own and crypto. Big/old money is just starting to take notice; but they’re scared of the tech because of ignorance. They all can’t see the insane potential and utility because they’ve been trading traditional equities for 30 years. They don’t get it. But they will... when they see it’s a blockchain is a freight train that won’t be stopped.

Anyone else agree/disageee with me? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.
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so tell me what is it that you know that i don't?
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TheGush DarkFlames666
@bikramganger, I don’t know anything that you don’t know- and vice versa. Until the future happens, it’s all speculation on both our parts- let’s be objective about that. If anyone “knew” what was going to happen, they’d be rich. Also, who is to say that we both couldn’t be correct? Even if your “bloodbath” happened, it could eventually turn the other way and rise again.

Doesn’t matter to me, BTC is not my main pony anyway. I hold some, but it’s certainly not the majority of my holdings.

And in the end, even if I lose it all, it’s just money. I’m not living hand to mouth, and I’m blessed for that. If I lose it all, well, it was a gamble that I chose to take. Just like any gamble, it could pay off big or I could lose it all. Anyone who can’t sure up with this reality shouldn’t have money in speculative investments.

If it’s any comfort, we’re all going to die one day and how much money we have or don’t have won’t matter at all.

And the bigger picture: sure, money helps bring comfort to life, but if someone’s happiness hinges on money, they’re going to live an empty life, whether they have it or not.
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check it the check yourself
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