BTC longs should be joining in

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If you're a heavy EW guy, than their is probably a lower low and corresponding correcting wave still left to form.

if you're a firm believer in random walk and the fib's, then the bounce off the .786 speed resistance arc, to the .610 speed resistance arc indicates a test to the .50 arc (which corresponds with the long term retrace)... likely we will see a rally to test resistance (the last preliminary support) before the last Elliot Wave's turn us into the next phase with upward impulse waves and a new full 8 wave cycle begins.

I.E trading here up to 12.7k seems like easy money. Will it turn and find a final bottom? Hard to say. The EW guys should believe it. I personally think this is a great time to be initiating a long position, and come back in 6 months. You'd be hard pressed to lose money with a long position today, and a hard sell in June 2018. think that btc lower under 9000$ asnother future??
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@alivali, Hi,
While its possible, I don't know that I would bet on it. So EW (Elliot Waves) would say that corrective patterns go in 3's, the larger pattern shows a down, small correction, and down on this time scale. I could draw it out, but you get the point. This points to a completed pattern long term corrected pattern. Beyond that, we can see multiple 5 wave patterns, and multiple 3 wave patterns have completed. I think most of the EW guy's would look at this and be a bit confused.

My opinion is we are entering a new phase. This would be Phase A of an accumulation in a Wychoff event cycle - or the beginning of Wave 1 of a strong conviction impulse cycle in long term EW guy's eyes. Either way, If you like BTC technology, and believe its going to be around in 2020 - you should be buying right now, and not trying to scalp any lower than we currently are.
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alivali nukenowakowski
Thanks my dear..i waittin for 2days and later buy.
please u will me a new signal or news in the BTC.
Very very Thanks.
u give me addres Telegram.
Phản hồi
@alivali, is the telegram i just made. I don't have much experience with telegram, so there will be growing pains.
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alivali nukenowakowski
Hi my dear....Thanks for massage and of chart signals.Come on to you and try. I wish you all the best..
i was watting for best signal for profit.
trustly...where coins U Sugget for small time profit???
i want today or tomorrow buy BTC. I hope that it,s lower 11000$.
What is your suggest for me.
Very very Thanks my friend.
Phản hồi
@alivali, I don't think you're going to get an opportunity below 11,000 for some time. Perhaps in the next 3 wave correction, which will probably not take place until 01/22/18 but I don't look for that 3 wave correction to be big enough to get you down there. I think below 11k is a bus past the stop.

Coins for small time profit? I don't know, if you want to trade some easy waves, I'd look at Stellar. As far as coins with good technologies that I am long term bullish on, you should look to XLM (Stellar), LSK (Lisk/Lumens), and DASH... those are my favorites, and so scalping them makes sense, as I believe they look good in the long term.

Short term plays are probably XVG, XMR, and XRP. All of these I think will be volatile, but will trend down on the long term, making playing them dangerous, and ill-advised.
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alivali nukenowakowski
my dear....Thanks..So i would buy btc..because the prior of that 3 wav..ok? i buy tomorow.
have a good time...We talk in the future.
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