Bitcoin is starting to show some real weaknes and doubt!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
My last trade was yesterday when it was around the support area 15.400. But it droppped below it and it became a resistance again. Volume has dropt allot the last 2 days, but the last few hours it has increased a bit since it when up from 13.000. That means there is buying interest againJust like the rise from 12K. The bigger candles (and volume ) are from selling. But that has also dropped so it could be the sellers are out now and we can go up again from here. But i did not like when it dropped below 15.400 and became a resistance after. But what gives me even more doubt, the weakness of Bitcoin on Bitstamp . There were allot of moments that Bitstamp just did not want to go higher, some moments staying for 10 min or longer at the same price, while others were rising an extra 100 or even 200 points. Each time i saw this, it would drop some after that happend. It;s difficult to say what that really says, but for now it's a sign of weakness for me.
First big resistance is the 14.500 area, but as i am writing this, it seems to be breaking out.But a bigger resistance and challange the 15.100 area. If it can really get above here, than only the 16.200 would stand in the way confirming it will make a new ATH . But for now it is showing more strenght than a half day ago. A drop to 12K/10K is stil open. Lower than that is no option, unless there will be a trigger that people would loose faith again. For now the hype is still to strong to make a very big correction. Time will tell
Bình luận: The blue circled area you can see what i am talking about, wehere Bitstamp just would not get bought above 16.000 and stayed far behind. The same is happening now again it seems again. Bitfinex should stay above 14.400, than it will show some strenght again. At the chart below, the circled area's is at that 16.000 level i said before, and the just now, where a drops much more, 600 points again 150 at Bitfinex, it's not much ofcourse, but it has happened a few times already, sugesting something so far.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: This is not looking good, every former bottemn is being a resistance now. It seems to have set a short term bottom now, but lets see if this up spike can get higher from now on.
Bình luận: Next target and support is 12.000. but it's starting to look even more weak. That complete impuls wave up from 13000 to 14800 has already been sold off this fast! my guess is that we will even at least 10K. But things can change very fast ofcourse, maybe if a double bottom will be made on 13.000, but very unlikely, because there is nor real bounce up this time

Bình luận: It's starting to show some strenght again, It had a lot of trouble getting through the red area, the 15.400/15.500 area, what i have mentioned many times already is an important zone. After a drop it just spiked trough it now. Not completely convincing, because the volume is not really high! Real strenght would be shown if there would be many sellers, but even more convincing buyers. No there is still a chance that sellers are waiting for higher prices. The next red area will be a test of that, around 16.200!
Second thing is, Bitstamp is falling more and more behind, difference is 600 points now. I have mentioned this aready a few times before, untill now this has always been a weak signal.

The swings are getting bigger and extremer by the day, even by the hour! For me this is a sign of desperation, for the buyers but also for the sellers! A move above 16.200 and 17.200 could bring back some more confidence. If t cannot get above these 2 levels soon, and it would drop below 13.000, than expect to see 10K very fast. For now it's looking quite positive, but it has to stay above 15.000!!

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