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Bitcoin! Expanded Flat or total downside?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
I personally think BTC is all hype. How much value is in a currency that is used for Illegal shit? idk lol
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Bình luận: Will we go up for one more and complete a lower degree C wave?
a lot of value apparently. just take a look at the dollar...
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Cryptos in general are being hyped. However there is huge potential for mass adoption because it is a decentralized currency that does not need regulation. Although I admire and use Anil's work, his view on Bitcoin is unfounded and I encourage everyone to dig deeper into it so they take their own conclusions. Just like in the 2000's tech bubble, many of these currencies will go away but those who stay for good will be a great investment like amazon, facebook and apple turned out to be.
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ZeziScalper ZeziScalper
@ZeziScalper, and yes, I'm comparing the blockchain technology to the internet. As you sure will also do if you research it.
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toylo ZeziScalper
@ZeziScalper, yeah its the begining of the race, like with social media, Facebook youtube became one of the biggest
internet been avaliable for like 20 years for the public and its inevitable something like this will happen sooner or later and japan is the first ones to invent it but many will follow
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Lol i'm bearish in btcusd mid term, and bitcoin has a lot of flaw and problems, and its price is surely based in hype and expectations, but the point of its value is not a "currency used for illegal shit" but a known inflation currency (unlike fiat currencies) and censorship resistance payment method (unlike VISA/MasterCard/PayPal...)
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Yea... because nothing illegal ever made a profit... smh...
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adambiers DJLoveHz
@DJLoveHz, lolololol
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Bitcoin is the currency of the Future, accepted by anyone. Take with you a million of euro in gold and try to buy a sandwich with a gold nugget
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@adambiers, I use it to pay my bills. Why do you use it for illegal shit?
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@alexplq, after converting into a different currency?
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