I have found a frightening double parabolic pattern in BTC !

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
After I showed you the probable long retracement move BTC             is possibly going to make with the cup and handle I showed you...
I noticed a lot of points have a pattern in a parabolic movement !
If you connect all the lows BTC             made in the correction, you can see a pattern made...
As well as with the pull backs from those lows... where a bottom support line is made... 'parabolically' !
It's always a subjective view, but I found this quite interesting to share...
Sorry folks.... apparently there is a longer way to go... down... I would suggest to follow the one and only one: Mr. MagicPoopCannon !
I am still in a learning phase, and I appreciate some people had some similar thoughts, but the market doesn't look so symmetric anymore... but profits are always to possible to be taken... on the way down as well.
Just gotta stay sharp.. and spend a lot of time though..
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You can't really predict a cup and handle, especially not in it's first phase (down). As much as I want you to be right.
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Wolverinos PRO knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, I tell you when you're right... 'You're right !... and I was wrong' ... it looked too good to be true perhaps.
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I like it, will follow it up, very nice perspective
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sorry for my poor and rapid English :-)
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So you expect it to move along the shape of the "cup" you drew?
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@epitome, I have a feeling yes.. it looks like it's consolidating and there is small but faster volatility... it could suddenly make a downwards movement, with a lower dip, so I would have to adjust the movement, and this would make a parallel movement with the inner parabola, possibility as well.. but I doubt a fast movement upwards...at this time everyone's following the traders actions.. it would make more sense if people would follow the uptrend as well... in a cautious way, with some shorts on the way up, but a cup is certainly a strong intentionally move forwards.. Crypto is not dying, it is slowly implementing in the real world, besides finance, IT, it's broadening, it needs time... but I found this idea in an 'eureka' moment, and I was shocked that it could be a real outcome...
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@LibraKing, thanks... I really had a 'eureka' moment, emotions where the result of my analysis not the other way around... so I hope it makes sense in some way :-)
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Wolverinos PRO Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, ...were...
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