A Conspiracy Theory About Bitcoin

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I'm not an analyst of economic markets, just a newbie on cryptocurrency trading. So do not follow my posts as a trade advice or you lose ( :

Let me have you a conspiracy theory:
!!! We still dont know who or whose are the satoshi nakomoto
!!! The burn of bitcoin comes across the same times that China has a lot of foreign trade difference raised up with a bullish trend as below:

2016 USA foreign trade difference: -796,493,742 usd (negative)
2016 RPC foreign trade difference: 509,716,484 usd (positive)

Everything seemed great with China on economy but there was a main problem. They had to get the payments by USD. And USA did not have enough money to pay them. So FED printed new USD, and every time they printed, USD lost its value and China losed a lot on this trade. It seemed China was winning on trade but losing on finance. So China should find a solution. Don't forget that the real socialist point of view of the communist idea is so okay with the original bitcoin idea. And they found a solution: BTC A new no-name decentralized crypto-currency. I dont think Satoshi is just a genius guy. I think they're a Chinese team of philosophers and devolopers. And they've choosen a japanese name "satoshi nakomoto" as a joke. (because no one likes Japanese in China because of the wolrd war). You might think China is a communist country and may feel its bad because of emperialist propogandas of USA in 70's and 80's, but its not %100 right. Sorry guys but Rambo or Rocky was not the good guy nor the Ivan Drago ( :

China's success is not a coincidence, by the way nothing in the world is a coincidence. You should read about their president xi jinping. He is an amazing guy with an amazing history. He solved many big problems about the farmers in China when he was 19 years old which is the most important market for a country. I just think that bad news about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies from asia is being made especially for the fight for bitcoin . In my 2018 agenda, they will try to push up btc to 100k or a little bit more. Unlike the EU scam coin BCH or others, i dont think bitcoin will become a shopping currency. It will be a measure of value.

We do not need fortune cookies, but read and analyze.

I dont know why but @goldbug1 is the only one i trust on this platform. You should follow him

Interesting thought experiment ;-) this makes me focus away from the bitcoin drop at the moment :-)
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samgold73 Fazzzmin
@Fazzzmin, Thank you, i dont think btcusd will drop and stay too long on the dip anytime next 5 years
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