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In the long term, we do not think bitcoin will fail, but we think it could find its true nature: an exchange currency for online payments. At the moment the volatility is still very high, but we think that in the medium term the bitcoin will find a balance point. On the contrary, we really like the technology behind crypto-currencies, and this could be the right sector to invest in the next few years.

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nice result:
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They need a Button DWN on the Site why not ?
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completely opposite
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what happened ?
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@FxTicks, Hope it will go down
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Interesting Bitcoin Fractal

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I think there is a correlation between Total Coin Market Cap and Bicoin Dominance.
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I think the trend will soon change.
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< Comparison Between CBOE:blue and CME:red > * UTC+9

18.01.18. 07:00 / CBOE: 11100$ / SHORT
18.01.27. 01:00 / CME: 11000$ / SHORT

18.02.15. 07:00 / CBOE: 9300$ / LONG
18.02.24. 01:00 / CME: 10200$ / LONG

18.03.15. 07:00 / CBOE: 8100$ / SHORT
18.03.31. 01:00 / CME: 6700$ / SHORT

18.04.19. 07:00 / CBOE: 8200$ / LONG
18.04.28. 01:00 / CME: 9300$ / LONG

18.05.17. 07:00 / CBOE: 8300$ / SHORT
18.05.26. 01:00 / CME: 7500$ / SHORT

18.06.14. 07:00 / CBOE: 6300$ / SHORT
18.06.30. 01:00 / CME: ???) / ???

Until now, the closing price of the CME expiration date was lower than that of CBOE in the bear market, and the closing price of the CME expiration date was higher than that of CBOE in the bull market. Assuming this pattern is maintained, June is the continuation of the downside, CBOE lowered the low point on the 14th, and CME on the 30th is expected to lower the bottom. As CME futures expiration date (1 am on June 30) is approaching, we should open up possibility that price will be pushed once more.
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@pkb6698, Well the same i have done in my chart and indicator ;thanks for motivating to come up with an idea of strategy
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