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Weekly review of 10 major cryptocurrencies 29.01.18 - 4.02.18

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
During the fifth week of 2018, the main cryptocurrencies fell significantly, below the key price levels.
Bitcoin returned to November's prices, and it’s share in total capitalization slightly increased (to 35.3%). Sellers dominated the whole week, giving buyers only a short time to raise prices within the rate correction.
The number of billionaire-coins decreased to 18, and the total number of coins (according to increased to 1513.
The total capitalization of cryptocurrencies decreased to less than $ 400 billion, that is half of the previously reached highs.

Bitcoin collapsed by 30% from $ 11,800 to $ 8200 during the week, also visiting the $ 7800 mark.
On the weekly chart, the rate lost all major support. Now it is enough for the bears to prevent the growth going above $ 9,500 in order to retain all the technical signs of the downward trend.
On the daily chart , we see a breakdown of the key support level at about $ 10,000 and the strengthening of the downward momentum.

Recommendation: open positions for sale on the upsurge of the rate above $ 9,000

Ethereum for the week fell by 34% from $ 1,250 to $ 825, also visiting the $ 770 mark

It looks like we are seeing the <C> wave of the 3-wave correcting formation <A-B-C> to a large wave of growth from $ 300 to $ 1,400. The calculated goal of this large correction is about $ 700.
On the daily chart , the rate went to the minimums of January. Trend indicator stood up for sale.

In general, Ethereum looks stronger than other top coins.
Therefore, we recommend closing short positions on it around $ 700.

Ripple (XRPUSD) collapsed by 40% for the week, from $ 1.35 to $ 0.81.

Important support level at $ 0.9 is lost. Now support is the slow moving average of the weekly chart at $ 0.7.
Strengthening of the falling trend.
Sell from $ 1 with a target under $ 0.5

BCHUSD for the week collapsed by 35% from $ 1,770 to $ 1,150, also visiting the $ 990 mark

Strengthening the falling trend with the loss of key support.

Litecoin for the week fell by 25% from $ 195 to $ 147, reaching a minimum of $ 106

Consolidation between the fast moving average at $ 220 and the slow one at $ 130. Further decline is more likely.
Support levels: $ 130, $ 75 and $ 50. Resistance at $ 165 and $ 200
Sell from $ 160 with a target under $ 80

DASH for the week fell by 33% from $ 815 to $ 545, visiting the $ 446 mark

Strengthening of the falling trend
Sell from over $ 600 with a target under $ 400

NEM fell by 46% from $ 1 to 0.54

Strengthening of the falling trend
A rebound of $ 0.5 is possible, but it is better to use it to open short positions with the target at about $ 0.2
Support levels: $ 0.5 and $ 0.2
Resistance at $ 1

Monero for the week has fallen from $ 334 to $ 220, also visiting the $ 190 mark

This fall is still within the framework of a large correction. However, further fall is more likely. Sell. Support levels at: $ 200, $ 160, $ 80
Resistance at $ 280 and $ 330.

NEO decreased by 28% from $ 147 to $ 106 holding around the $ 100 mark

NEO remains in the picture of the growing trend, while the rate is above $ 100
Buy with a stop-turn to sale at the close of the day below $ 100

IOTA fell by another 30% from $ 2.5 to $ 1.74, minimum being at $ 1.43

Development of a falling trend.
Further decline is more likely.
Sell on rebounds to $ 2 and above
Support levels at about $ 1 and $ 0.5

We wish you profitable deals and follow our reviews!
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