1] How to use Traders Dynamic Index and Complementary Overlay

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BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Traders Dynamic Index serves for crossover signals and are essential for trade entries and most beneficial when identified on over 30-minute Time Frames as on hourly time frames.
I have made the options available of the oversold (green) 32 level line overlay which is useful in identifying potential buy zones/price.
In KK_Traders Dynamic Index_Bar Highlighting it is also good to note that in uptrends: RSI ranges between Upper Volatility Band, Lower Volatility Band and/or relatively "within" 68 and 50 level lines as it has been doing on hourly time frames on Bitcoin .
Direction and deviation of MBL overlay or Phaser from price is strong indicator of trend direction and price level/zone useful for those who are confused in knowing where price will have to average into.

Promoting free and highly useful Indicators:
  • KK_Traders Dynamic Index_Bar Highlighting
  • Traders Dynamic Index Overlay
  • "Price Action Channel Master by JustUncleL Restored"

I had not used these guides recently which I have currently published.
If anything (I ever do publish) varies contrary to these indicated guides and the coming guides to be published, the likelihood of failed forecast is augmented.
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