BTCUSD / D1 : Feels like "I told you so" !

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Despite the funny tittle the truth is here, I warned you weeks ago about the risk of heavy bearish signals slowly taking over the bull trend that built that speculative bubble trend.
PRO Sinewave & PRO Momentum were reversing short for a while...
I've been facing quite some resistance when I warned ppl             in the crypto chat right here in tradingview ! But the fact is that now it feels more and more probable that I was actually right !
Its a bit too soon to tell but anyway the signals are very weak !

BUT i still recommand to be cautious not to be too bearish either. Why ? Because if you have a closer look at Sinewave, it's now showing an early bull signal..
What does that mean ?
It means that now we need to keep prices downward cause if we see a bullish candle reversal, then sinewave will reverse to bullish !
That doesn't mean the market will reverse, cause Sinewave cannot be traded alone... it will require a Momentum confirmation.. BUT nonetheless this Sinewave reversal (if it happens) will have to be considered.

Hope this idea will inspire some of you !
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I told you so? After the sell-off. Nice.
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PRO_Indicators PRO alexhiggins732
@alexhiggins732, LOL read the previous ideas, and then you'll see if I actually told you so !!
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We'll be stepping down, not flash crashing. I'm confident we've found a new bottom temporarily, and are entering a new trading range. 12-13.5k
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