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On 02/02 I published my analysis that bitcoin             would test the $ 6,000 botton and there could be a reversal. I expected this within a week. It was close.
However, there is no confirmed reversal yet, but you may have made GOOD profits by following this tip.

Well, today I want to update the scenario:
Statistically the bitcoin             reaction was very positive.
Despite this, I reinforced my neutral position for holders.
This position is still based on the 02/02 review. In this analysis I talk about the possible existence of traps in this price region.

I going to buy and hold after forming a high pivot in the $9500 area, or when the price leave the daily low channel, or there is some technical indicator like the MACD signaling Long in the diary. In one of these scenarios we will have a confirmation of trend change. Also remember that we are in a region of Fibonacci retraction after several days of fall - Think rationally and not emotionally.

Many people lose money for fear of losing opportunities.
Remember that there is more than 150% for the bitcoin             returns to the historical top, so there will be a lot of opportunities to buy if a trend is confirmed.

Following this line of reasoning you had not gone into false breakups. Wait for a confirmation of a high pivot , or a daily MACD buy signal , or other technical signal.
I want to remind you that this analysis is for the long term, not for trade.

For trades the moment is great: D

See you!

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