PRO T.A. BTC obviusly to 5500 usd.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
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Im a wizard, I come from the future with the donald, mike "tickles" pence and the young barron. I know it will hit 5500 because obviusly the institutional investors got in in that price. Ask me anything
Well, i agree. Weekly 50 MA support indicates 5,4K
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fabaUY NomeSobrenome
@NomeSobrenome, welcome to planet love, 5.4 is planet love, Ill meet you there
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5,0000 cent$
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fabaUY GeorgeVeritas
@GeorgeVeritas, I see you at 5 cents my friend, if thats what you want
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@fabaUY, think about how many amateurs buyers in to BTC at range 15-19k$, now they sweating like hell. People catch BTC like fish get worm,. I do not deny that BTC can back over 12-15k$, but it's will take long time, market will keep panic long. BTC for long term available money, like all crypto. Must wait to get +%%% profit. But investors got fat of fast % profit, and now hungry for time, want fast fast. But F*off, no fast anymore. all s*tupid buyer already inside markets, greedy people lock themselves in long term positions. now or lose or wait, no another way. why i should buy now, if 3 days a go was 9,000$, yesterday 7,000$ and now 6,000$. smart investors will let market clean that "FOMO" who in on high and out at LOW>. Market smart, greedy blind people not smart,. Agree with you that possibility bounce at 5,555.55$ can be. but that can have long flat, and this will be best scenario, because worse is under 5,555.55$ - welcome to hell. market have cycle, this is basic, but no one believe in that, because BTC its new financial instrument, which stay above economics and math law. digital treasury - yes, right,. But once this product came to trading market, to futures market, BTC start to play by Wall Street rules and laws.
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fabaUY GeorgeVeritas
@GeorgeVeritas, I totally agree with you, no inteligent person would buy here, lots of FOMO losing money right now.

We are def going to 5600 ish, and there...there are big chances that we will keep going to 4k.

See u at the bottom
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5k pls
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fabaUY ghose12
@ghose12, please yes please, Ill make it happen man, chill, Im in charge now
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