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Why exactly do you expect such big retracement?
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1. because of time correction (until April)
2. we have to see 79% retracement
3. and there is a Big retracement running
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petrreo AlirezaMahdavi
@AlirezaMahdavi, Thank You for response .. just curious on different perspectives...

Ad 3) - True.
Ad 1 and 2) - still why? Why 79% (not 70% for example) why until April? (Don't see reason why not till mid march or end of February, for example sake)
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petrreo petrreo
@petrreo, (To share my perspective - I see the scenario You described as one possibility - equally possible with double bottom scenario on 70% and faster recovery then - everything depending on volumes on the second defense of the 6100)
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France and Germany will make joint proposals to regulate the bitcoin cryptocurrency at the next summit of the G20 group of major economies in Argentina in March, French Finance Minister
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petrreo AlirezaMahdavi
@AlirezaMahdavi, That might be actually even quite positive news - not negative, especially considering, that the proposal will be from the pen of the ones of the most pro-crypto Nations in the world.
Although no one knows in beforehand. And Merkel and Macron have no stakes in crypto - they might sacrifice it very easily. .... I admit, that I expect mainly FUD before G20 and FOMO after.
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petrreo petrreo
@petrreo, Don't forget that some, if not many European ICO's got official recognition and official support from some Commissionaires of the European Commission (We Power for example, Mothership and others) ... I am in contact with some European Parliament members - they have working group, trying to implement modern tokenisation of economy - not to reject it. They see it, and possibly correctly, as something after looong long time, which can finally give an edge to the European continent. I would extremelly doubt, that they would shoot it their legs. European governments are not afraid of Crypto - unlike the other parts of the world)
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Yes im agree but in point of technical view, there will be huge volume and big guys will take retails out, because of that, maybe we see the levels that can be painful for some retailers. ( just my opinion)
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petrreo AlirezaMahdavi
@AlirezaMahdavi, That is exactly the reason, why it so valuable to talk about different opinions from mine ;-) ... I might miss the chance on the bottom .. or You might wait for dip which might not come.... both would be painful.

I personally will wait on the 6100 and I will see how it will go... I will probably decide on the spot.
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for me the best scenario is 4000 and Nice Bullish divergence on RSI
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