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Who buy BTC now? Answers here

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Today I get inspiration on Reddit and want to share with you.
It`s will be very important right now.

Before you panic sell, ask yourself 'who is about to buy this?'

You think a bunch of investors with deep pockets just stumbled ass-backwards into the market and don't bother reading the news? Think. If you're selling right now you are selling to rich guys that know something you don't.

I'm not frustrated cause my portfolio is dropping, it'll be back. I'm frustrated because all of us little guys have the possibility to ride this wave up because we got here early, and we're dropping like flies at the moment. It's going to be heartbeaking reading this sub in a year's time seeing everyone who sold now thinking it was the end. Look at the tech, look at the partnerships both corporate and government. This isn't pokemon go, it's not a fad that only lasts a few months. Crypto isn't going anywhere, please don't waste this opportunity.


Moving in downtrend to support line and level ~6,000 USD. Every moment we can return trend and goes to the new highs levels (~27,000). Still patient!


I`ll be very happy if you join our private chat for QA!
no. we suggest to sell all you have to make the price cheaper together we can make it cheaper again and buy when it reach 2-4k$
we have telegram group that has 400k whale member over the world we unite with 1 command so we can control the price. Now sell. wait for 2-3k and buy again we will pump it to 20k and dump it again.
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Hbjornseth internweb
@internweb, You're a special kind of tool.
+9 Phản hồi
JBoro111 internweb
@internweb, You really are dumb, you really think you're controlling the bitcoin price with a fucking telegram group? What an idiot
+5 Phản hồi
internweb JBoro111
@JBoro111, we are group member of multi million dollar people
+1 Phản hồi
@internweb, Don't sell them all. Use leverage or not but short it, I agree with how $5000 is mouthwatering price for long time lurkers who are still on fence.
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I couldn't agree more, I always argue the fundamentals but some people don't see it. Lightning actually works, you can already use it. Bitcoin is on the verge of becoming the world's first scalable global currency that doesn't rely on banks or governments for trust. This a such a milestone for humanity, but people are blinkered and only see the price action of a single day. Take a breath, please.
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iqo nerophon
@nerophon, more coins more technical better then bitcoin. But popularity is does matter.
Phản hồi
ArneBotel nerophon
@nerophon, I totally agree... But the chart is still following the psychological curves of stock markets and I think there is a reason why humans always act in the same way doesn't matter if there is so much potential humans are humans I am sure bitcoin will hit 100000 k but it will take time and trade in 2 directions is how you can profit from it the most... I'll never sell my BTC but the money I loose when its going downward I get back with short positions
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at 4000 I will think about it till this is happening I am going short ;) and take the dips to ruby short positions
Phản hồi
what about 7.5k
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