BTCUSD - 50% FR - @Tradecoinplus

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BTCUSD - 50% FR - @Tradecoinplus


So not according to our calculations, BTC did not have time to go to the target and $ 7000 target hard resistance at 6800 and back up after creating two peak H1 session, the market followed consecutive loss 10% of the points.

As we have seen, only a few decliners are BTC moving to the FR correction of 50% to 6280.4 USD, where BTC is likely to return to the uptrend and add another 5 uptrend. FR 50% of H4 wave and reaching the price of 7342.3 USD with an increase of more than 16%

At other developments, BO signal appeared BTC to go deep correction in the 1D cycle with the reduction target of wave 5 down to 4852.1 USD.

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