Bitcoin Chart from Lesson #1

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hi guys,

I just realized I have not been publishing any of my charts on tradingview and have only been posting in discord.

In the spirit of the "1 chart a day" contest I am running I will also attempt to publish 1 chart a day.

This is the chart I used in Lesson #1 of the series I am starting which you can find here.

If you are part of the discord, I posted in trade-alerts:
Yesterday at 7:36 AM
Bitcoin             Target $12,800

We have tagged just over that target and it is a good time to take profit on longs.

We may get one more leg up to 13.3k, But we will likely begin to retrace the bullish move that started on the 17th when we bounced off the low @ ~9.2k

We have Support @ 11.7k, 11.2k, 10.8k and 10K

If we move above 13.3k then this idea will be abandoned and we will set new targets as we head to towards the upper end of this Bearish channel that started at 20k.
Make this chart yours to see it. The top of the channel should be somewhere around ~15k depending on timing.


Bình luận: Support 1 hit although it was closer to 11.6k Last Night
We are now resting on support 2 @ 11.2k
Bình luận: We are sitting on the ~11.2k support still and it is a strong level if you look back at how busy the level has been.

I am favoring a move back up to ~11.8k next - possibly a move down below 11k after, but not confident enough to make any trades right now. I will simply watch this market develop.

Bình luận: ^correction I meant move up to 12.3k as the arrow on the chart show.
Bình luận: 11.8k ended up being right and we are resting on .236
Which is a 70% retracement of the move from 9.2k to 13k
Would you happen to have an opinion on STRAT:BTC?
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TheChasm PRO Tartarus116
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Tartarus116 TheChasm
@TheChasm, thanks! :)
Got a donation address for later when this whole correction is over?
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TheChasm PRO Tartarus116
@Tartarus116, sure. If you join my discord group I have a donate channel. Otherwise just tell me the coin and I'll give you an address.
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Good TA.
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