A bearish twist has appeared on btc/usd 1 hr

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
double cloud has twisted and says bearish on 1 hr            
cloud is red
this also means price can be above cloud and twist and easily come crashing through to 200 ema ~6900.
If you guys are going long, i suggest putting in stops as anything can happen.

resistance to test would be around 7350-7400, and 7630 ( ath             )

td             , says we are doing ok, 30 min says maybe bearish .
tk             cross on 1 hour crossed bearish about 33 hours ago.

We will find out if we go up or back down soon.

4hr signals say we are ok

1d rsi says we are overbought.
1d shows we either go up or a 3rd consecutive red daily candle or go back to green mode.

proprietary tool says we can pump a bit on 7d or drop 50:50
4hr says dip, then up, then who knows.
1hr says we are redlining at 100
1d says we can go up a little bit but also drop.
pitchfork shows the median at ~6300-6400. I would say its very possible we drop to 6400 at some point because price has touched median several times, but not for several days.

longs at bitfinex as of right now are 17.838 contracts and have dipped as of 15 min ago (min 17.364k, max 18.121k)
shorts at bitfinex are 27.303 contracts (min 27.286k, max 28.159)

Whatever way this swings (I think it will swing both ways), set your targets, have your stops or b&h.
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