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Red is the color today. What is the future of blockchain?

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I talked about a bubble and far overbought marked from November/December. But of course, I and also almost everyone kept trading, buying and making the bubble even bigger. Looks like the bubble is clapping. Almost nobody who is in the crypto did face a real bear market like this.

The perfect blockchain product isn't out there yet. Not Ethereum , EOS, IOTA or Cardano, they all have their bad sites that needs to overcome. That makes the market extremely volatile with extreme ups and downs.

For bitcoin I never believed in the use case of it, it's lagging heavily in specs. Long transaction time and high transaction cost, their just is no use case. And a store of value for bitcoin is just stupid? I will only store value in physical products, like gold , silver , oil etc. The bitcoin only represented a huge marketing value, but that marketing value is dropping with this crash.

Bitcoin can be below 1000 usd at the end of the year easily. And also ethereum can be below 100 usd, it's all a process, the perfect blockchain solution isn't out there. It's a progress with gives us good opportunities to trade.

It all cost time, blockchain is still a new market. But for me I do not invest in first or second-generation coins anymore. I will only invest in coins with an use case or 3th generation platforms, like HPB , EOS, IOTA, Cardano etc. The future usecases for blockchain is extreme.
Bình luận: Let me be clear. In my opinion all mayor coins could be the number 1 at the end of this year.

I do not beleve bitcoin will be the number one anymore at the end of this year! Because it's lagging in technical fundamentals, I will beleve ethereum will be the nr. 1 upcomming months, especially with all the updates comming. But at the end of the year all mayor coins can be number one. We should be openminded for this, especially looking for 3th generation coins. Also ethereum is improving heavily, but there no updates comming for bitcoin. And that's unfortunate, but maybe good for the market when another coin will take over, like ethereum.
Bình luận: Guys, even if bitcoin drops to 1000 usd in the end of the year. The cryptocurrancy market will not follow that. Tradingvolume will just flow to other coins and give great boosts to alt-coins on the long-term! I'm slowly starting to shop alt-coins.

Eth, High Performance Blockchain, IOTA, EOS and lots of other coins still have a great future! We just don't need the bitcoin as the leader for blockchain technology anymore. Blockchain have already a great enough name for itself. There will be a turning point this year, other mayor alt-coins take over bitcoins place and make the market more stable and independend from the bitcoin. And that would be really good for the market itself.
Bình luận: Guys relax. I just wanted to say the market is really volatile, I do not say bitcoin will be 1000 usd. I can't see the future. I only say it's possible, when other mayor coins take over.
Bình luận: Looks like we're taking support here. I going to post a chart, I just bought in.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: I expect something like this.
This a corrective wave not an impulse, in your final chart, wave 1 has 3 sub waves and wave 4 overlap wave 1, there are not allowed in Elliott,
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You contradict yourself. Look at your previous chart. Imo BTC is retesting support and then will fall.
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CryptoPredictions BrieucdeLooz-Corswarem
@BrieucdeLooz-Corswarem, Not really.

I thought the support was around 5k. But charts change, now I think the support was around 6k especially with the hearing of the opinions of the US Congress.
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BrieucdeLooz-Corswarem CryptoPredictions
@CryptoPredictions, Maybe but a bounce from the support pointing BTC at 10k tomorrow at 6h, is surrealism.
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im not buyin in now,
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Would u mid telling me how you post your chart update in the comments?
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@meauxgreen, paste the link to your chart
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I just got back in too but bought only the big 2..BTC, LTC, ETH.. LTC @ 106 ETH @ 580..tight stop far a so good!
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I just bought in too. Thank you for your work!
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BTC possible bottoms
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