Bitcoins slow way to W/(H)-ealth. Our KING is recovering.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hey cryptomaniacs,

it`s time to recall the past and take a look of that sweet "crash" we had.

Bitcoin             is slowly waking up from unconsciousness and starts to pratice for the next marathon             .
He obviously had a mental breakdown caused by the fame and need of society.

Yea.. I know we can`t really understand this. But every celebrity has to deal with this and it`s better to take a break instead of doing drugs till the Altcoin-King of cryptomacia dies.

Let`s give him some time and let him recover. I guess he still knows what he is doing and there is a plan our Kind has to deal with the amazing and crazy demand.
He recently started a casting to find a crew which is going to help him with all requests he is getting. The crew is compiled composed of diffrent servants from high society noble house.

The crew is called ridiculous and disgraceful for riches.. but yea the name is: "Lightning Network". HEHE.. wtf.

Nevermind. King Bitcoins             road down seems to be over and he slowly gets back to be stable. I guess a short-term-rehab could give him back his old power to reign over cryptomaniac like he used to.

Hopefully with less demand and a slow climb..but IT SEEMS LIKE we still have to endure this OLD-GREY-BEARDED King until he gives his crown to his descendant.
They still have to fight for his recognition but I guess Prince ETH or Servant Ripple are close.

Btw             .. the crash was a joke. Unless you were buying at BTCs             PEEK ;-D

FIATO-LAND had no chance in this war. USD had lots of casualties.

Peace and good trades :-)

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