BTCUSD: Updated view - Probability matrix

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
I've revised my analysis and figured out what paths are possible from here onwards. In any case, buying BTC is not safe nor ideal now, since we might get a consolidation sooner rather than later. The corrections that may form can take us way lower, or simply sideways from wherever it tops, but, overall, they imply no more growth after time runs out, for an extensive period of time. Finding the bottom of said corrections, or predicting how far down they will go can be done, but only with more data that will reveal itself over time. Now, if you're long my advice is to hold and watch price patterns develop. If you don't have mastery of the time at mode methodology, it will be hard for you to figure this out, but at least you can rely on tracking your emotions, and being cautious when extremely hyped, and greedy when fearful but in profits.
As for people on the sidelines, chasing price now is not wise at all. I'm still making money from being on select altcoins with good fundamentals and technical trend signals which I joined, while risk/reward and probability were optimal, and I'm still far ahead of $BTCUSD holders, by actively trading in and out of positions instead of blindly hodling $BTC. I'm not bothered by losing a bit in $BTC terms, after having beaten it heavily in the past two years. Some people will get obsessed and do stupid things due to this, so, please, don't be too greedy. You may not see other opportunities in front of your eyes, due to focusing too hard on one thing.
As for $BTC, I will explain this in more detail in a video, but also want to have the chart with the forecasts published.


Ivan Labrie.

PS: To the haters, chill guys, it's not good for your health to be so negative. If you carefully review all my publications and learn more about how trading works, you might change your mind. It's not about absolute returns at the expense of having wild volatility and drawdowns in your equity, it's about maximizing risk adjusted returns. Maybe some day you'll get it. At times, haters are just people who need to criticize others to hide their own flaws...not good behavior, speaks bad about anyone doing it. I'm a positive guy, you won't ever see me actively criticizing people all the time. Lighten up!
Bình luận:
Bình luận:

My connection might be slow, you can hear most of the audio here...
Bình luận: The daily timeframe uptrend ended, now look at the yellow arrows, either sideways or back down to support. Weekly is ending after the weekly close...It could have already topped as per that arrow, we don't know the shape of the correction/consolidation yet, and the long term trend still has time left until Dec 31st.
We already had two bearish news: Coinbase IRS oversight of users and China soon to ban OTC trading...
Bình luận:

$BTCUSD has a buy signal here, if not below today's low it can surge for the next 7 days and hit between 22 and 25k at the top.
Bình luận: If this support holds, $BTCUSD might slow down and bottom in 3 days If not we can expect the targets here to be hit within 6 more days.

Down to 9900-6695.
Bình luận: We bottomed, in roughly the time expected, and after hitting the top zone as expected, right on time.
Bình luận: Looks like we will go lower indeed, it was possible that it would remain sideways but not anymore. Now the door is open for way lower prices over time. Review my last publications for updates.
seems that deadcat bounce was not ended yet...
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well played, very impressive forecast ;)
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Thanks for the update on this chart idea.

I agree with your CURRENT price forecast

I am saddened you did NOT identify any price targets, support price trend lines that we may hit or stop at during a fall downward.

(You should try this to gain more loyalty)

However this idea starts back so far... it's soooooooooooooooooooooo old.... that I recommend starting a new one.

Just a suggestion. :)
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IvanLabrie TradeClass
@TradeClass, I This was made well in advance. The maximum clarity you can get is once target and time -or time but not target- -or target ahead of time- is reached, the market is likely to reverse back to the last accumulation level, or to remain sideways, but we can't know the exact path, it can be ANY possibility in between, but mainly, NOT likely to go higher.
It's puzzle pieces, that you gradually get from the market, in different timeframes that help you predict the future step by step. They are not all readily available at once.
This is why I couldn't give more precision here yet. I could have labeled key support levels that would likely act as a floor or level where prices stall, but that's about it.
Trendlines are not something I us...
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TradeClass IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Other member authors on here are doing what I was suggesting. If it is NOT within your skill sets, well that's another story. LOL
Phản hồi
IvanLabrie TradeClass
@TradeClass, huh, what does that even mean?
Phản hồi
tlzkrh1029 TradeClass
@TradeClass, There's not any obligation for him to do so, lmfao
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TradeClass tlzkrh1029
@tlzkrh1029, act now, get a free ice crusher. Operators are standing by.
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I always thought you were a wizard, this chart confirms it once again.
I'm really considering either private tuition or signals.
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God damn this money is easy. Literally faster and easier than drug dealing.

Thanks for your charting and commentary. Helped me pick up 55 BTC at around $7500. Now I’m just chilling waiting to get richer.

Let’s hit the moon BTC!
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