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Get ready for the coming bull trap

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We already had this process in 2014 and it is repeated exactly again.
As before, we are now close to a break out. This means that the downtrend stop luckily and we will be in an uptrend for a while.

Short term, we are currently overbought as the RSI and MACD show. That means it will go down again, which also results in the same time the E-wave at the Elliot Triangle.
Good for us.
We can take small profits before it finally goes back up, but be forewarned. It can and probably will only be a bull trap. But you do not have to be scared about that.
I'll keep you up to date.
just do not be greedy.

Good luck.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Forget what I said... we are already on the top of the bull trap. Go out and safe wins.

When we had a bearish cross in the weekly 2014, the course collapsed over the next few days and we are about to do it again! The daily chart also looked bullish at the time. In truth, it was just a trap!

For now I am in Tether and I am waiting for the end of the weekly chart.
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lucik1 SorinBlajan
@SorinBlajan, loool
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wait a second youre wrong like constantly...
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I think the btc will touch 8k or less in the coming days
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lol, maybe u are right
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Man don't go in tether.
It's a bad idea.
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CME futures contracts expiring at the end of February have the price pegged around $10,500 and $11,500, similar to those just expired. Heading for around $17,000 in the next week or so before coming back down, as you said.
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