Bitcoin scenario (next 1~2 weeks)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hi bitcoin ended long and cruel correction

Lot of new traders who came in mania cycle suffered with loss

Fortunately, there is sign of reversal with possible reverse head and shoulder patter

It's likely to headed to ~12K level corrected at each downward trendline

There is still lot of btcusdlong position.

We should keep eye on btcusdshort position.

When btcusdshort rises toward highest level when it reach 12k, we should suspect this from whale and there can be long long correction again.

But week ahead will be good. let's enjoy trend reversal. possible correction near is expected but not sure when it will come

It could start right now or break downward trend line and start from 9k level

Bình luận:

this is also really possible scenario

so 9k or now is the problem for near term correction
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