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The purpose of this video is not only to provide a TA on what happened March 13th, but also to describe how dangerous using a Stop Loss limit order can be! My stop loss did trigger but it did not have a chance to insert my order on the books and sell it off. Never insert your stop loss and limit price too tight! If the market has a flash crash or a volatile spike like it did for me last night you will be holding the bags for a while and possibly get screwed it the price does not rebound back to your price area where you bought.

Learn from my mistakes! I will never use Stop loss limit orders from GDAX or any other exchange as long as I live. I will only use limit orders to buy and sell or maybe market orders for quick entry and exit. But with market orders becareful since you can have some slippage as well. Thats why to me Limit orders are the safest. If would have had a limit order i would only have lost 15.00 bucks. Im down about $500 as of this video making. For my sake, I hope BTC does not take any further and I hope the American can lift this market back up today before midnight.

If you enjoyed this video, give me a like and please be careful. This was a life learning lesson for me!

I appreciate your honesty
Thanks for sharing!
Phản hồi
Thank you and Good luck!
Phản hồi
@vitlic, Your welcome.. Live and learn. That's what life is all about! But don't go broke from making too many mistakes in this game!
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