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BTC is not bullish guys!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
To open SHORT positions for BTCUSD , it is required:

In this situation ]MACD must go into negative territory to confirm trade entry for movement to the downside but if the market trend continues to range this signal will become invalid. Market execution for entry, I will confirm signal once the conditions have been met.

Risk Description: TARGET 10K
Will add more position as price continues to fall.

Profit expectations: 1-4 day trade length expected before hitting profit target I will post exit strategy when signal receives a exit signal.
Trading method: RSADVANTAGE Stage 5, accurate system manually forward tested over 3 years designed to stay out of ranging markets and only target strong trends suited for swing trading. This system is made of custom adaptive volume indicators and Oscillators that properly detect trends very early and provides exit signals at dynamic S/R zones once the trend has ended. // Average yearly pips gained is 40k per pair on D1 charts alone. I have provided a similar limited version of the system on Trading view to help traders visualize the strategy.
Bình luận: EP1 14200
EP 2 15700

TP1 13K
TP2 12K
TP3 10K

SL 17K
Giao dịch đang hoạt động
Bình luận: -14060.000 is strong support level. If a correction occurs and price rises to 15300.000 we will look for more opportunity to sell btc only after a reversal at that level.
-SL is set just above swing high.

-In case of bear trap I will post hedging strategy for those who are in short positions. Good luck traders
Bình luận:
Bình luận: 15k target for hedge position //
BTC is looking to turn bullish within this range, we can expect a reversal if our volume analysis is correct, buying pressure has returned to the market.
Sentiment will begin to change
Swing HIGH : 15964
Swing LOW : 13730
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
tradingview bug
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: HEDGE // HIGH RISK

TP 15000
EP 14000
SL just under swing low 13100
Bình luận: Rocket start
Bình luận:
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: TP HIT SPLIT LOT LET IT RIDE OUT
Bình luận: BTC TARGETING 15272
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu
Bình luận:
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: EP 13360
TP 14000
TP2 15000
SL 12200
Bình luận: Rocket Start $$$$$
Bình luận: TP 1 hit move SL to break even // SPLIT LOT LET IT RIDE
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Trade closed 13693
Bình luận: 3/3 trades won // 27% account gain in 4 days

15000 target could be a possibility for today but my analysis is hinting that there is a possibility of a correction @ 14000. lets wait for correction to catch another wave to the upside.
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: We have received buy opportunities on H1 but market is ranging in positive territory.

1. market continues to climb to 14.5k-15k
2. Market continues to range and falls to 13.1k before we see another wave to the upside
Bình luận: Scratch that last comment BTC decided to pick up the momentum, we received many signals since last night but the entry conditions weren't suitable at the time. I will continue to scout more opportunity in the next 24hrs
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: We will have another opportunity to go long shortly
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: EP 14500
SL 12100
Bình luận:
Hedge trade // risk on
EP 13357
SL 15000
TP 12500
Giao dịch đang hoạt động
Bình luận:
Đã hủy lệnh: Cancelled hedge trade btc has stabilized at current support level we will continue to hold our long and if a more signals appear we will launch a grid
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: Signal hit SL, we could continue to see bearish movements on BTC
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Trading BTC can be difficult when in range due to it being driven by short-time sentiment.

- BTC remains bearish due to international regulatory issues
- BTC now targetting 10k
Bình luận: Lets see if BTC will find ground at 10k.
Bình luận: BTC
EP 9989
SL 10521
TP 9590
Giao dịch đang hoạt động
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ:
Bình luận: Small losses as of the past 2 trade ideas due to conflicting signals will recover on next trade

- STAGE 5 System updated
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Sell signals on BTC H1, looks safe to short once again
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: SL 11900
Targeting 9.6k
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Break even on that last trade
Bình luận:
Bình luận: whoops
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
unfavorable ranging conditions, make it hard for me to give a accurate forecast
Bình luận:
still waiting for confirmation for a bias to the upside on btc
I am only focused on trending market for a good trading oppurtunity.
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
you think we are not goign to 10k? you think we are reversing here?
Phản hồi
@perdp, Its a possibility that the next wave to the downside could touch 10k if it goes in to oversold conditions but for now this is the conclusion of our bearish trend analysis.
Phản hồi
Price above Ichimoku cloud, bullish!
Phản hồi
@Moum413, On 4H it's barely holding above.
+3 Phản hồi
@Moum413, Don't rely on a single indicator. It can easily backfire. Sometimes you need to play the overall market sentiment which is bearish atm. Bull traps are called bull traps because even if the indicators are showing bullish signals the market sentiment remains bearish. We will see a lot of further downside. Sub 10k is almost guaranteed after the sell-off today.
+1 Phản hồi
Im riding it . It should bounce higher. I think it may not go down . Sooo Im ridin this pony into the dirt and back up.
+5 Phản hồi
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