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Target of $13,000-25,000 between Jan-20-2018 and Feb-20-2018

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
If we break out of the top of the current pitchfork , expect higher highs.

Also, with the Ichimoku TS/KS lines in the proper order now and the TS is upward facing today on the daily chart , with KS flat, it's likely with the recent new highs and FOMO, we'll see the KS line point upward with the TS line, thus TS/KS upward facing leading to more rapid acceleration in value that could push us well above the $7500 mark by my November 5th target on the chart.

If both of these things happen, combined with more people showing interest and more news about how much Bitcoin is turning out to be worth, you'll likely see us hit a target between $13,000 and $25,000 in the 30 day window between Jan-20th-2018 and Feb-20th-2018.

My gut feeling is that if we break through the top of the pitchfork , we'll be going right for $25,000 and we may see things drop or hover around $13,000 before we achieve those new highs.

The time to buy is now. BUY AND HOLD!

Right now I do not see anything in the radar that puts any fear into me, other than high volatility . I feel I should sell anything I don't immediately need, so that I can put more money in at this low point in the price. With the history of Bitcoin , it's bubbles and crashes, I feel we are still very early on in this growth period. I can see the value achieving $200,000 within the next 1-2 years if this continues without any major hiccups.

The China ban everyone was worried about has pretty much passed. The new Russian ban is something to watch, but likely not to affect Bitcoin's value by much since China is a major driving factor in the price/value.

Some day, Bitcoin will be looked at like the Saudis and their Oil riches. It will have made many Chinese rich beyond their wildest dreams and those who are informed and making reasonable investments into Bitcoin will also achieve similar riches.

Consider this: Dec-23rd-2013 I bought family members each $10 worth of Bitcoin to get them involved. I also bought them $30 worth of Silver in 1 Troy Oz coins. Today, Silver has gone up almost $3, just under 10% over 4 years. Bitcoin on the other hand has gone up 830% in those same 4 years.

- $10 Bitcoin , now worth $83
- $30 Silver Coins, now worth $35

What will 4 more years bring? Think logarithmic! It won't just be another 830% growth in 4 years, it might be closer to 8000% growth in the next 4 years.
Agree, the trick is to retain the long view even through major consolidations such as 2014 which will most likely recur Q2-Q4 2018 - to sell and buy back more or simply hold long term.
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