Where the game will change

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
BTC             got to the all expected 9.2K, previous low on bitfinex, with 0.236 Fibo on 9.4K, this is the point where all can change. It can change from bear to bull on timeframes above 4H and from bull to bear on timeframes lower than 4H. I have really no idea if is going bull or bear at this point so I just made an analysis for each point of view for the coming 2 days with both targets on chart for bulls and bears. Flipping a coin choose one side and put a very stop loss will make you have a very high risk return, and if you got a stop loss you can just invert your trade and still pickup the market. Or you can wait a little for a market decision, and take the bus while it is rolling, you might miss some profit on this case but you will also miss a bit of profit if you enter early and got a stop loss. If you are already on one side just wait and see.

I made the analysis based on two techniques together so it one confirms the other with Fibonacci levels and circles, targets on chart
Bình luận: BTC stopped on our 0.5 Fibo and 0.236 Circle Fib and a test from the upside of the 9.4K 9.2K levels are possible:

Bình luận: Check my new analysis for the 4H timeframe here or look into related ideas:

Bình luận: Some futures contracts have already expired but still some left:

So market sideways...
Bình luận: My deadline for 10.6K expired so I got a little bit paranoic to find the next move of BTCUSD by charting a very lot of fib circles that could make sense, look like a mess, but I hope one of this 3 paths is the right one:

Bình luận: BTC got squeezed and will probably run a bit sideways and return uptrend anytime:

Bình luận: BTC is heading to daily mean and that's also our target for now:

Everyone seems to be jumping on the train now. I'm fine with missing out on some profits to make sure we're more likely to be in the clear. It's very overbought right now, and I'd like to see us go over 9400.
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bitcoin dinopiccinin
@dinopiccinin, be a little more conservative on this very risk market is very wise :)
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@bitcoin, Yeah I took some profits and I'm gonna wait it out for a bit. Good luck :)
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Can you please explain where is the level where is bullish and bearish market? You point BEAR and BULL but no lines involves to this two.
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bitcoin thinkngrow
@thinkngrow, Above 9.4K is BULL, below 9.2K is BEAR; Sorry if it was not clear !
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aiib bitcoin
@bitcoin, agree with you, think will go up to break 10000dollars
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