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BITCOIN - Short term loss projection.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Bitcoin             is following a similar trend to what has happened in the past, unfortunately, we can not use that to predict the future value, however, it should be noticed and taken into account. From what I am noticing a short-term sell-off could occur to send bitcoin             around the low level $5,000 price, where you should be accumulating.

As for the good news, it is rumored that Amazon may be implementing Bitcoin             into their services, if this was to happen the price would absolutely skyrocket, there has been no official announcement but keep it in mind. The only problem I have noticed with this is that the Bitcoin             transaction fees may be too high to purchase cheap or regular items from the website.

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Amazon doesn’t need Bitcoin. They can mint their own coin and sell it for $5K whith whatewer transaction fees they want. :)
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thomasfar6 HelenNetherfield
@HelenNetherfield, Haha they will even have their own ICO soon... Thanks for the comment.
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