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Can't wait any more XD Bored to death. "Who called it 1rst" XD

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Being 10 steps ahead of every one is nice, you make money all that stuff.
But you get boooored. Someone entertain me. Know a good twitter/site that links bagholder quotes? XD
I keep buying video games they all bore me don't want to play anything.
Maybe I just need good sleep and some sun. FU winter.
Couple of days till I change my stance from bear to bull.
If all the bagholders start calling for the end, the same guys that call to hodl forever I quotes, I will laugh so hard I'll cry for real.

Be patient and get ready to buy 4500-5000, yeah small chance we don't go there, small chance we go below (in which case buy more), but who tf cares about small chances? We don't trade based off small chances. Pretend every thing will go the 95% route, just don't risk all your money like a moron.

Pretty sure I'll be first, before all the clown gurus self proclaimed experts with that one lol. Tagada tsoin tsoin!

Placing the blue line a bit better and try to time the market, for funsies, I'd say we reach da bottom @ ~ 4600$ the 15 April, maybe +/- 3 days. Tada!

+++ I have no idea what I'm doing +++
Bình luận:
Zooming in they keep appearing! Aaaaah Elliot was right!

And before any autistic peasant yell "Uuuuh noob wave 3 cannot be the shortest": It's the log chart. Plus I don't even think subwave 3 is over. We go to whatever maybe 6k, bounce 20% retards will call double bottom and then start wave 5 to the low low low juicy buy region :)

Bình luận: Got asked how I found slope for waves 1 2 and 3.
Poor mute can't talk in comments :D How's beeing a mute?
I could say anything about you and you wouldn't be able to defend yourself.
Why did you call for 150k Bitcoin this month man? What do you mean wall street will join?

So first of all the lines have the general direction of the trend.
can't go wrong like this.
But to be more precise...
Well for wave 1: we can see there's a first part where the price is below the line, like some resistance, till the 31 december and then that (1) line acted as "support" supporting the price till the bottom 6000$.
After that we left that downtrend channel, up up up (wave 2), then we started a new downtrend channel and resistance line has turned support since the 20 March....And we are now going down with this line as support. That line reaches my target zone (4500-5000) about 15 April.
I'm gambling on 4500-4600, but it can change, a trade always have to be babysitted since alot can happen, MacAfee said this, Kaspales said that, etc...
All this small variations can result in a bigger one that deviates from our final target (Just like spaceships trying to land on Mars! Expect in the market all these little errors don't get corrected and we miss Orbit :p)
Bình luận: Are the bulls this pathetic that we won't bounce on 6000? XD
I might be super bearish but I want this bounce to happen.
We already failed to go test 7700.
How do these guys keep calling for the moon and finding arguments when even the ones calling the more for the apocalypse get their expectations far surpassed?

Bình luận: Wave 3 is denial, Wave 5 will be panic.
Someone linked me an article to a moron that is the perfect reflection of the market.
I'm going to follow him on twitter to know what to expect.
He is following EXACTLY the psychology of a market cycle, this can't be real he must be trolling...
Bình luận: I think I posted this already:

But here it is without all the spam:

Oh nevermind had to spam it.
There's so many examples and I want to put them all on the picture, could take any hodler guru lucker twitter, Could take Crypto Yoda the biggest of them all.

How well it fits is pretty insane. All these people, don't they remember what they said weeks and months ago? They're following the pattern perfectly from early hesitant move up to start of euphoria to "I'm a genius lambo's" to complacency and now denial and anxiety...

It fits so perfectly how do they not see that lol.

I CALL BOTS. All these "people" are robots, you won't trick me!
Bình luận: Oooor this:

Or we go lower.
Never base your main analysis on EW XD, it can be helpful, but it's just bonus.

Anyway, looking at what all these plebs are saying (how nice letting us know where the market is going) helps confirm TA :p

They're clearly anxious now, and in denial but they're always in denial, I think the "big" denial phase will be when we bounce off 4500-5000 up to 7-9k

Then a hit will come, naturally or not, and that's the last the bulls will be able to withstand... Seriously and they're still in "lambo" mode after that hit... Boy oh boy we're going below 1k
Bình luận: According to this chart that compares today to 2014 BTC has the potential to pump to 8000-8500 in a bull trap before crashing down like a pile of feces it is.
Will the peasants make it happen? If we go past 8000 I'm shorting more downtrend won't be far.
Bình luận: Aaaand I didn't post it
Bình luận: Copy paste what I wrote already on twatère:
"Now, if we go below 5000 the news would speak of it and people could mass panic, BUT the news aren't instant, so if we go say 4500 then bounce all within a few hours, and once the peasants see the "below 5000" news & start being very anxious we'll be >> 5000 on our way to denial."

I think MA 20 will be tested around 7400 and then we go down and reach bottom next week, was boring but going to move fast after.

I feel there's a small chance we go sub 4000 but I'll skip work if it happens before the week end and glue myself to the screen.

Doesn't have to happen exactly like this, but what's important is there's less than 10 days to go sub 6000 and "I was right again" :p

Also I'll open a small position on 5000, never know... Would be sad we don't go ~4500 and if we don't I want at least to make a bit of money!

Bình luận: The wait is soon over! Hurray! Next week going to be super volatile!

Hoping it all starts tomorrow and we reach the bottom in the next 2 weeks max.

10 hours left till sunday's over.
Bình luận: We can't keep going nowhere, we're going to move soon, and every one waiting on the side will jump in. A few days at most.
Week closes in 2 hours 30. Hopefully the volatility is back tomorrow or thuesday.

Bình luận: It can't fall this fast.
It's at a support now. The week open from last week (and close from the previous one). Expecting a few hours of consolidation then further dumping, but that's certainly not 100% sure. Doesn't matter if we go up again then crash or crash in 30 minutes or consolidate 5 hours then crash, what matter is BOOM!

Also, it seems it actually went faster this time than last time <3
And bulls also weaker of course this time.

Zooming in to get an idea of what to expect:

Last time it actually pullbacked "normally" before crashing violently, this time we dump 400$ in 20 minutes from the top... Maybe it's the sign of a more brutal fall.
Idk if I still want to day trade a bounce at 5800 XD
Only if we're way way oversold.

I waited long enough, really hope we don't keep going up.
Bình luận: Here we go. "TA doesn't mean anything this is because of the news".
Exactly as I said.
Wow I was lucky with news about 25 times in a row now! How blessed by luck!

First it was india, then pakistan, "bah who cares", then the bulls got hammered with news from japan korea canada.
Every country in the world is going to join rofl.
Just keep hiting them with more and more scary news till they STAY down.
Bình luận: Some bullish divergence, shouldn't be a surprise.
Wouldn't be surprised if the best we get is a 2% bounce before continuation down :D

No even going to bother watching till we get below 6400 or go 7500, unless it moves really fast or I see something funny.
Bình luận: Coincidence? I think not.

Hitting the replay button is amazing. Bitcoin had plenty of spikes in 2015-2016.
So much stuff happened.
Maybe 6666 will become the new 666. Going long 4500 closing 6666!
Bình luận: It's normal that it takes time for BTC to move, people don't want to sell yet.
So the price won't go down right away (has been a while thought, it can't be that much longer)? But it's not going up because the non herd public is already in the herd that isn't already holding & about to go bankrupt is never going to want to buy something that is falling and "big money" will only short it lol.

These are the reasons why it has to take time:

* People are still used to Bitcoin "normal" price beeing 9000$. They need time to view 6000-7000$ as Bitcoin new "normal" price, when they see it not go up they'll eventually sell.

* Saw some reddit posts on Bitcoin from 6-7 years ago. Less than 1% people heard about it probably. The herd is making fun of Bitcoin and saying it won't ever do anything. I checked these idiots profiles. They're bashing Bitcoin in 2013 too. Then radio silence in 2017. Haven't checked all probably some are calling for 1 million.
Believe me, the idiots that said Bitcoin was going to 0 in 2011-2016 are now holding it dearest than their own lives.
Yep, great jobs lads, once the public jumps in and we complete the 3rd wave up/bubble, that's when you join and hold. Great job.
History always repeat itself. And when the 3rd wave (5 EW) is complete and the public joins that's the top, that's when you get the huge correction.
Has been like this for all of mankind history so... pretty small chance "this time it's different".

But seriously, how stupid do you have to be when you're lucky enough to see a new thing that no one knows about and the very few people that know about it are willing to accept using it AND you don't invest???!!! If merchants were accepting BTC in 2011 and it reached 30$ when less of 1% of the population heard about it HOW can you think it won't go up when 100% hear about it?
It's like you make statistics to see what president will be elected Bush gets 55% then you're saying "ok once the elections start though, Bush will get 0% no one will vote for him".

We can't be in accumulation phase. It has never looked like this in the history of mankind. The odds are so bad.

Also, you could just look at what dumb people with absolutely garbage argument and that are always wrong are saying: they say something goes up, it will go down. They say something is doomed, it's probably going to increase 100 fold.

Btw, do alot of people know about the cannabis stocks?
Bình luận: Trying to figure out usually when does a low volatility period happen? Doesn't seem to be right before capitulation, but right before a crash thought (note: microsoft was a bad investment back then, but at least you wouldn't lose your money, just have it locked out for years)

Want to post AAPL but apple was a shitcoin back then with no hype lol. It crashed entirely on day 1 with a 40% gap XDDDDD
And look where they are now....
Gotta find crypto's apple... Who tf is it? Stellar is instant cheap scales all good no issues but I didn't really do the research thouroughly so I don't know fk.

Cisco was on of the titans. Maybe I can look at this.

Bình luận: So netscape was #1 back then (LOL) and today... doesn't even exist.
Aapl was #2. ETH is #2. Does this mean?... rofl.

If I told everyone how great netscape is first they wouldn't even know what that is and second they'd make fun of me.
And they're saying BTC CANNOT fail because crypto depends on it and bla bla bla.
Well, you couldn't even access the internet without Netscape back then.
Bình luận: Going to afk I guess. Hope something happens the next few hours this is just too boring.
Crypto market cap about to go sub 250 billion.
Bình luận: If we go down from where we are now, we can be confident longing between 5400 & 5900.
Bình luận: I think the 12345 count is incorrect and rather looks like this:

Wherever that C wave ends COULD be the bottom, oooor this is all only the A wave of a much bigger correction XD not impossible at all! Be ready for anything.
I would laugh so hard with all the people that called Bitcoin bottom at 11000 9000 and 6000$ or that claimed 2018 would be its biggest bull run ever recently.
I would cry if it fell so much that I can't trade it anymore :(
Guess I would have to go to the stock market as well as the OTC for excitement.
As long as BTC stays above $500 there should be opportunities to trade it, only less interesting for whales with multi million orders to fill.
The secret to making money revealed! It is... Missing out.
Imagine a general that "never misses out" on a fight, vs a general with a brain that picks his battles very carefully, the best terrain, weather, & makes sure to withdraw his troops in losses...
" would cry if it fell so much that I can't trade it anymore"
Don't cry yet,they plan to play with this for many years,at least 2 decade ,we are just in early days of long long market.
+2 Phản hồi
MrRenev Peymana71
@Peymana71, Agreed. Only problem is it's an investment for alot of people so it works abit like stocks and has in the past stayed in accumulation "nothing is happening" zone for a while. Aaand BTC drags other crypto's down with this correlation if there's no BTC trades to be had there won't be any in crypto.
There's plenty of other things to trade anyway doesn't matter that much.

I have dreamt one day Crypto as a whole grows some more and there's so many pairs to trade and it never sleeps (just like fiat).
Phản hồi
Peymana71 MrRenev
" have dreamt one day Crypto as a whole grows some more and there's so many pairs to trade and it never sleeps (just like fiat)."
I have faith that we will see that day soon.
+1 Phản hồi
MrRenev MrRenev
@MrRenev, Oh ye and Crypto is mostly small time retail investors just like the stock market so there's all these phases with huge fomo that pumps the price so much when the herd decides to buy then crashes down etc...Same market cycles.
Phản hồi
Can you plz convince your whale friends to short this thing into the ground bc i don't want a divorce Mr. Renev need to recover these BTC before wife finds out
+2 Phản hồi
MrRenev texagg22
@texagg22, Eyez on the prize 8500 epic shorting area.
Phản hồi
MrRenev texagg22
@texagg22, Where did you open and how big did you go?
+1 Phản hồi

This one is from Todd
Phản hồi
QueenBx PiotrWoz
@PiotrWoz, that doesn't make sense. It doesn't even touch 3 points top or bottom
Phản hồi
@QueenBx, elliot waves = fractal.
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