BTCUSD, 10 year notes and Gold: Are they ready to fall again?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
This is a simple analytic piece on Gold             , Bonds and Bitcoin             . After the Fed meeting yesterday, the market clearly decided the fears of low rates and weak dollar were justified, with a very dovish Fed, and gold             and 10 year notes rallied (and quickly chinese buyers followed suit in BTC             ).

The interesting part is that gold             has yet again broken the recent highs, which like we were discussing in the 'Key Hidden Levels' chatroom, might be warning us that there is a Megaphone type pattern unfolding here, contrary to popular belief that this is a consolidation before a giant uptrend starts in Gold             .
The gap up in ZN1!             is really remarkable here as well, it might give way to a very strong topping pattern soon.
BTC             has hit a monthly resistance, but is currently above it. I'm waiting for the month to close to more precisely determine when to short it (if at all). For now you could maybe trade shorter term long setups in it, although it might be dangerous in this climate.

The bottomline is, that for gold             and 10 year notes to top, we needed mass hysteria to reach the boiling point and I think this might be it. We'll need confirmation to enter shorts, but if you're long, look to trail your stop or get out, that's my personal reccomendation. The same is true for BTC             longs.
I'll update the chart once we get a good short setup in either of these instruments.


Ivan Labrie.
Bình luận: As expected gold turned down for the day, after a sharp rally into the highs. We can either short now with stops above today's high, or short under the low after the close. Keep in mind this is a very aggressive short entry, so risk only half.
Bình luận: Good progress. 10 year notes were a clear short. Gold should fall soon as well, BTC is just starting.
Bình luận: BTC is finally reacting down.
Bình luận: And yes, BTC did drop from here, let's see how it evolves.
Tự đóng giao dịch: Take partial profits or get out of shorts now.
Bình luận: BTC might be bottoming. I'm long with 10% downside risk.
Bình luận: -this one was spot on...-
+1 Phản hồi
Thanks, hope it was a useful publication.
Phản hồi
malotiin PRO IvanLabrie
It was ;)
Phản hồi
Great. Posting update now.
Phản hồi
abail IvanLabrie
so, in your opinion btc will rally again?
Phản hồi
It might find support, accumulate for a while and then rally again. Maybe the timing aligns with fundamentals (probably once the halving is out, or slightly before it).
Phản hồi
what are your targets down for BTC currently?
Phản hồi
IvanLabrie PRO BitcoinGuru
Hi, I have no targets now, but the level price would return to eventually would be 450 roughly.
Phản hồi
BitcoinGuru IvanLabrie
ah ok - well the current support as of now for me:
4842cny or $720
4496cny or $660 (should hold for the rally to continue)
3588cny or $550 (strong support from 2014 - where we will consolidate before another rally)
Phản hồi
IvanLabrie PRO BitcoinGuru
I haven't shorted it yet, not sure I would. I'd simply sell (which I did a couple days ago).
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