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BTC to test it's limits?

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Looks like BTC might want to test the limits before a bounce occurs, a lot of support lines have been demolished on the this brutal fall.

Big institutions wan't BTC dead, media FUD and conspiracy causing the weak hands to sell into the grubby hands of the big players. Like taking candy from a baby we could say. The whole reason BTC exists it to fight against the "man" and his big brother status, this is another attempt to secure control of money in this world. This is the chance to take back as much control as we can, they can't win only strengthen their position in the inevitable outcome.

This will be the biggest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, are you going to fall for the FUD and manipulation? Please be careful shorting at this period of time. BTC has proven resilient against all crash/fud in the past, so why would it be any different now? The crypto market only really began in 2017 to 2018, markets like this cannot go away during one price correction.

Don't get me wrong, BTC was bought up in a parabolic move once again and a correction in price was expected by hodlers and traders alike. When history repeats itself, are you going to be a winner or a loser? A hodler or a seller? Only time will tell.

Pick your side, for or against.

C'est la vie!
"Big institutions wan't BTC dead." Nope, they just want our money. They will never kill it as long as they profit too and now with futures they can do that. This is just those institutions collecting cheap coins
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