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BTC third wave correction

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
I think BTC is doing a more complex corrective structure.
You should look for buy setup on lower time frame when the price will be under 10k.

If Bitcoin break 20 000$ and make a flag over the 20k support, i buy the breakout to 25k .

For the moment i only see a sell setup in BTC , so be careful of FOMO.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: I'm in the trade.
Bình luận: If you are looking for an entry in this trade, you can take the next breakout on lower TF.
Bình luận: If you are looking for a second entry in this trade, you can take the next breakout on lower timeframe. (Breakout under 14600$)
Bình luận: Another short setup, the dump money is crying right now. If it break 12800 enter short or drop longs.
Bình luận: The short setup is still valid. Market moves in 3 waves.
We had 1 impulse down, now its correcting and we will have another impulse down.

After the next impulse, we will looks at the patterns and if we see its correcting again for a 12345, we will short another breakout.

Under 10k , ill start to looks for buy setup and not shorting anymore. I will update my ideas on BTC at this time.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Target reached on short BTC from 17k
i sold 1.17 btc at 13 600, i wanted to reBuy it at 12900-13100 and.... and then btc was 14 500-15200 and i was still waiting for downtrend... All traiders were screaming about 12800-13400... So... now 16 300.. What can u recommend me? Buy at market price or wait for 15 000?
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@Dimu, dollaaaaaaaaaar cost average.... Buy a piece now, hold some money back for the dip
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Dimu jurrecb
@jurrecb, how much? Buy 20% and trade with it?
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@Dimu, play it smart and risk averse! Put 35% in it now, and 35% over in week from the moment you putted your first 35% in! Now you have 30% left, you can keep that for the dip this guy is expecting
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Dimu jurrecb
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@Dimu, The risk reward for buying BTC right now is so bad. The only people who own BTC right now are people without formation in trading. They put all their lifesaving in BTC thinking its free money and they will be rich. We saw that before. In South Korea its kids under 25 years old that buy the most. If you listen to them, you should buy right now because it's going to the moon and parabolic move never correct because of their lack of experiences. I'm still short kids with not formation in trading.
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Dimu SilverGuru
@SilverGuru, thank u for an answer!)
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interesting idea, really like your view on BTC. please update the TI, if you don't mind, would be great :)
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