BTC/USD - Further Upside

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hello traders,

Here we have BTC/USD on the 1H chart.

BTC/USD had a correction move, after completing a bullish move up to the first target at 19380, which I predicted in my previous analysis and we got the move (See my related ideas for details of this analysis)

After the correction, it appears BTC/USD is ready for a new up move. After price hit a Fibonacci key retracement support level at 18910, price began to show reversal candlesticks . The candlesticks are showing a change of command from the bears to the bulls, and I believe the bulls have captured this move.

I am expecting an up move up to the upside target level of 21000. I achieved this target by calculating the previous bull impulse leg, and then replicating a measure move, thus having a target zone.

I will be updating this analysis if it exceeds 40 likes.
Bình luận: I will be updating this analysis after my latest GBP/USD idea gets some more likes!

Want to make sure there are lots of people online when I update my content, as it takes many hours of my time to create these analysis!
Bình luận: I have posted a brand new BTC/USD trading idea on my TradingView profile page!

See my profile page for my latest BTC/USD analysis!!!
Bình luận: Check my TradingView profile page now for my brand new analysis on BTC/USD !

My new post is an update of this analysis, and shows the ideal areas for a buy opportunity.
Bình luận: I will be posting my realtime buy signal for XRP/USD, if my latest USD/CHF idea post analysis achieves more than 20 likes!

I want to make sure there's a lot of traffic on the site before I post the realtime update. :)
Bình luận: I will be updating this analysis in realtime when my brand new AUD/CHF analysis posted on my TradingView receives more likes !!

I want to make sure there's a lot of traffic online to see my latest BTC/USD update!!
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takiptesin Tom:)))
Phản hồi
Tom, hello i cant find your newst BTC chart...
Phản hồi
@lluka, Hello, see below. :)

Phản hồi
lluka TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, oh thanks:)!
Phản hồi
@lluka, Please leave a live on my new idea, would really appreciate. :)
Phản hồi
lluka TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, oh sure
+1 Phản hồi
jeffcarrillo TomProTrader
Phản hồi
TomProTrader PRO jeffcarrillo
@jeffcarrillo, Thanks
Phản hồi
lluka lluka
@lluka, Do you think the battom is behind us or still we should be afraid of further drop to down support 7500 level ?
+1 Phản hồi
@lluka, I don't think it will get to 7500 personally. I expect the second support to take the price action and "catch the falling knife".

If it breaks the second lower support zone on my chart, I will of course reconsider my analysis.
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